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CPR & First Aid

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CPR is not a complicated procedure to learn, but it can certainly come in handy in a pressure situation. Millions of people suffer out of hospital sudden cardiac arrests every year, which means there are millions of people every year who need the help of friends, family, and bystanders. Whether you are looking to start a career that requires a CPR certification or you just want to be prepared to help your loved ones or fellow citizens survive life threatening situations, our online CPR & First Aid course will give you everything you need to feel confident and ready to act. With just a little bit of education, you can be ready to save lives. In our online CPR & First Aid course

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you will learn:

The purpose of CPR and the science behind it
The different methods of CPR
The step by step process of administering CPR
How to properly give compressions and breath to anyone, no matter what age
How to properly equip your employees or fellow staff
Understanding these concepts is the key to turning a fatal situation into a story of survival. Learn these simple steps and give your family, friends, and fellow citizens the gift of life.

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Rachel Rowbottom
Das Beste: I have learned a lot about the basics and fundamentals of Sign Language. International Open Academy has given me enough knowledge to have confidence as a beginner, and to build on.
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Kurs abgeschlossen: August 2018
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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

First Aid
Medical Emergency
Emergency Services
CPR First Aid
Emergency Care
Emergency Care assistant
EMT Paramedic
Training First Aid


Module 1: Introduction and History

1.1 – History of First Aid

1.2 – How First Aid has evolved

1.3 – History of CPR

1.4 – Success Rates

Module 2: First Aid Basics

2.1 – Cleansing and treating wounds

2.2 – Creating a splint

2.3 – Creating a tourniquet

2.4 – Treating someone in shock

2.5 – Administering injections

Module 3: The Science of CPR

3.1 – Situations of need

3.2 – Physiology of CPR

3.3 – Making the decision

Module 4: Preparing for CPR

4.1 – Evaluate the situation

4.2 – Check for responsiveness

4.3 – Call for help

4.4 – Survey the area for helpful tools

Module 5: Performing CPR

5.1 – Head tilt, chin lift

5.2 – Clearing the airway

5.3 – Giving compressions

5.4 – Rescue breathing

5.5 – Using an AED