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Criminal Psychology

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Criminal psychology is gaining more and more popularity. Thanks to the various television programs and movies that represent the exciting world of the fight against crime, people are beginning to understand what the profession entails. That's why in this opportunity Emgaister offers you this course in Criminal Psychology.

Once you finish the course, you can apply your skills to determine the intent and reaction of a criminal. It can also help profile and issue second opinions in witness interviews and case studies. You will have an important role in the search of criminals and in judicial proceedings.

Build a successful career in criminal psychology and enjoy a very interesting and lucrative profession. Many job opportunities await qualified criminal psychologists. With your diploma or criminal psychology certification from ICI, you can work in a public or private organization or join related disciplines such as: Probation / Rehabilitation, Youth workers, Social welfare officers, Counselors, Psychologists, Forensics, Support workers, Advocates , Legal / paralegal investigation.

It is not necessary to have work experience or have an education to enter at any level of the course. Students can enroll directly in the diploma or advanced diploma levels without completing the lowest grade qualifications. Take advantage of this opportunity now. Request more information and sign up for this exciting course at Emagister.



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Sue Manning
Das Beste: I attended the the Criminal Psychology course at International Career Institute. I found that the system and material was easy to comprehend. This course has also has sparked a big interest in me to read further on the subjects on a personal and professional level. The experience would be one of the most valuable experiences in my career life and excited about the new direction I am taking in my life!
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Kurs abgeschlossen: Januar 2017
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Ian Jamison
Das Beste: I would like to say thank you to all your staff. Friendly and courteous people are always a pleasure learning with..
Zu verbessern: Nothing.
Kurs abgeschlossen: September 2015
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Mental Health
Mental Health Nurse
Criminal Psychology
Criminal Justice Law
Psychiatric Nursing
Mental Illness
Criminal court
Criminal law
Criminal investigations
Human Body
Correctional system


1             Criminal Psychology – An Introduction

  • Definition of Crime and Three Views of Crime
  • The Breadth of Criminal Psychology
  • Functions of a Criminal Psychologist
  • Understanding Court Procedures and the Correctional System

2             Comprehending Crimes through Psychology

  • Crime and the Human Body
  • Influences of Family and Environment
  • Nature vs. Nurture
  • Rational Action Theory

3             Crime and Mental Disability

  • Intelligence Testing
  • Offenders and Learning Disabilities
  • Psychopathology
  • Treatment for Mental Disorders

4             Aggression and Severe Crimes

  • Characteristics and Types of Aggressive Behaviour
  • The Society’s Role in Human Aggression
  • Other Factors behind Aggression (Depression, Substance Abuse etc)
  • Theories Used in Criminal Psychology (Motivational, Freudian etc)

5             Age and Gender Studies in Relation to Crime

  • Crime Statistics and Case Studies
  • Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse and Prostitution
  • Criminal Responsibility and Age
  • Women and Youth Victims

6             How the Police Uses Psychology

  • Crime Reports
  • Gathering Research
  • Eye Witness Testimonies and Schemas
  • Police Line ups

7             Courtroom Psychology

  • Social Cognition and the Primacy Effect
  • Law and Psychology
  • Effects of Media in Crime Reporting
  • Characteristics of Defendants and Lawyers

8             Prevention and Punishment of Crimes

  • Curbing Crime Rate
  • Punishment Types and History
  • Grounds for Punishment
  • Objectivity and Fairness