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Luna Holistics

Cupping Therapy

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Luna Holistics

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This course is suitable for those of you whom want a good foundation and understanding of Hijama Cupping Therapy and covers various other types of cupping therapy. This course will offer a great understanding of what is involved in cupping.

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To gain an excellent understanding of hijama cupping therapy

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anyone wishing to learn more about cupping therapy

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Details of course will be sent unless. Recommended that you visit the website for full information

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Voraussetzungen: course work is in english so basic It Skills and computer or mobile device to download course

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Katie q
Über den Kurs: I had a good time during my time at Luna Holistics.
Kurs abgeschlossen: Dezember 2019
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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Holistic therapy
Massage Therapy
Beauty Treatments
Massage Techniques
Complimentary therapies



Introduction to cupping therapy
What exactly is cupping therapy
Cupping points and Table of Ailments and descripitons
3 Types of Cupping Techniques covered
dry cupping, wet cupping, massage cupping
Dangers of cupping covered

Lesson 2
History of cupping therapy
Meridian system
Yin and Yang
Five elements
cupping practices as in china
cupping practices as in Hijama cupping
cupping practices in Ancient Greece/Egypt/Africa
cupping practices in East Asian Contries
cupping practices in North America

Lesson 3 –
• Fibromyalgia
• Arthritis
• Irregular periods
• Asthma
• Congestion
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Varicose veins
• Migraines/headaches
• Common cold/flu – Cupping helps to dislodge mucus and phlegm. It also boosts the immune system thereby encouraging a faster healing time.
• Infertility
• Gastrointestinal disorders
• Acne
• Eczema
• Insomnia
• Nerve pain
• Diabetes
• Heartburn

Cupping also assists with:
• Facial rejuvenation/wrinkles – cupping helps with smoother, clearer, skin making a patient look younger
• Detoxing the body – cupping helps to detoxify the body by moving toxins out if the body by moving them from the affected areas to parts of the body that are better able to remove them from the body.
• Varicose veins
• Boosting the immune system
• Toothaches
• Weight loss
• Eliminating cellulite – by removing fluid build-up and dead skin, cupping can give the skin a smoother appearance.
• Treating cancer
• Back and body pains – cupping stretches tissues in the affected area to relax the muscles and relieve pain.
• Easing stiff muscles
• Diarrhoea
• Acute conjunctivitis
• Facial paralysis
• Herpes
• Hypertension
• Inflammation – Cupping improves circulation by creating new blood vessels which bring oxygen and nutrients to the wounded area

Benefits of cupping
How treatment works
cupping to overcome injury


Rise of cupping in Modern times
Celebrieties & cupping therapy
How to get certified in cupping today
Important questions for cupping therapists

Leson 5
Sourcing your equipment
Contraindiacations of cupping
Precautions when cupping

Lesson 6
How to peform cupping
Dry – Wet – Needle- Massage
Facial cupping
cupping for Acne
Cupping for weight loss
Cupping for infertility
Cupping for Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and Joint Pain
Cupping for Congestion
Cupping for Diabetes
Cupping for Anxiety and Depression
Cupping for Varicose Veins
Cupping Therapy for Headaches