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Brentwood Open Learning College

Diploma in Construction Management (Level 4)

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Construction managers play a central and pivotal role in the planning and execution of building projects of all sizes and spanning all sectors. The professional construction manager assists with and oversees the planning, organising and ongoing supervision of both building construction projects and building maintenance.

This Diploma in Construction Management, by Brentwood Open Learning College, represents the ideal course for those looking to join an incredibly dynamic and potentially lucrative industry, or perhaps take an existing position within the construction sector to new heights.

On Diploma of Construction Management Online, candidates are introduced to the key principles of construction management and project supervision, incorporating sound planning and estimating, site organisation, management of equipment and materials, human resource management and a series of legal and contractual considerations.

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Diploma in Construction Management, provides students with a sound understanding of the general and technical principles involved in construction processes.

Preis für Emagister-Nutzer: On course completion students can claim accredited certificate by paying £95 accreditation fee. Certificate postal charges will be £9.

Voraussetzungen: No particular entry requirement for this course.Any one around the world can take up this course online.

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Meinungen über diesen Kurs

Andy White
Das Beste: It was the help and support of my assigned tutor that surprised me most of all. The course was great, but having someone there are all times to fire questions at and coach you along really is precisely in value.
Zu verbessern: The course was great.
Kurs abgeschlossen: Januar 2015
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Johnathan Gibbs
Das Beste: I came to BOLC on the recommendation of a friend who already worked in the building trade. The course not only improved my knowledge in plenty of key areas, but gave me the confidence to chase bigger and better things.
Zu verbessern: I was extremely impressed with the course content.
Kurs abgeschlossen: Februar 2015
Würden Sie diesen Bildungsanbieter weiterempfehlen?: Ja
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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Construction Management
Resource Management
Quality Training
Construction Training
Diploma in Construction Management
Construction Management courses
Diploma in Construction Management
Construction Management courses


Diploma in Construction Managementconsists of the following 13 units:

• Unit 1 - Introduction to Construction Management

• Unit 2 - Development and Organisation of Construction Projects

• Unit 3 - Importance of Estimation in Construction Work

• Unit 4 - Preliminary Investigations, Location and Site Selection • Unit 5 - Site Organisation

• Unit 6 - Planning for Equipment

• Unit 7 - Equipment Management

• Unit 8 - Material Management

• Unit 9 - Purchase and Storage Management

• Unit 10 - Specialised Buying and Vendor Management

• Unit 11 - Quality Controlling During Construction

• Unit 12 - Human Resource Management

• Unit 13 - Legal Aspects of Contract

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The course comes with the following benefits:
Recognized certificate
Easy access of tutor
Learning flexibility
Self-motivated environment. 
Easy to study anywhere in the world.