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¿Would you like to enhance your professional career? ¿Are you looking for specialized training and make a difference through your training? You came to the right place, Emagister presents the program "Diploma - Product Lifecycle Expert" taught by AulaGEO Academy.

This course is aimed at users interested in the field of mechanical design, who want to learn the tools and methods in a comprehensive way. Also to those who wish to complement their knowledge, because they partially master a software and wish to learn to coordinate parametric design in its different cycles of modeling, analysis and simulation of results for other phases of the manufacturing process.

Therefore, we encourage you to request more information, through the button attached to this website, in this way an advisor from the center will contact you to answer any questions.

Wichtige Informationen

Welche Ziele verfolgt der Kurs?: - Build capabilities for modeling, analysis, and simulation of assembly parts.

- Includes the learning of CREO Parametric, one of the most used programs in the manufacturing field

- The use of tools with which similar disciplines are developed such as Inventor Nastran and Ansys workbench.

- Additionally, it includes a CURA module for understanding the parts 3D printing cycle.

Ist dieser Kurs für mich?: - Professionals related to the creation of parts and prototypes

- Mechanical part designers

- Mechanical engineers

- Autodesk Inventor users who want to expand their domain in simulation within the software

- Civil Engineers

- Mechanical engineers

- Builders

- CAD / BIM lovers

- 3D Modelers

Wie geht es nach der Informationsanfrage weiter?: You will be given all the necessary information regarding the diploma. You can also contact the AulaGEO team for any additional information. For more information see our website

Preis für Emagister-Nutzer: 149.94

Voraussetzungen: - Prior mastery of the Autodesk Inventor environment - Basic knowledge of CAD software - Basic mathematics and Engineering Knowledge

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  • Design
  • Simulation
  • Autodesk
  • Ansys
  • Creo Parametric
  • Truss analysis
  • 3d training
  • Printing
  • 3D Modelling
  • Sketch
  • Inventor Nastran
  • Mechanical Design
  • Cura
  • Advanced modelling
  • Thermal Analysis
  • CAD
  • Mechanical simulation
  • Workflow
  • Motion Physics
  • Learn CREO Parametric


The diploma is divided into 6 courses clearly defined for your better understanding.

Ansys Workbench 2020 Course

With the course, you will learn the basics of Ansys Workbench. Starting with the introduction, we will have a quick review of the actual analysis that will be covered throughout the course. What will you learn:

  • Ansys Workbench
  • finite element analysis
  • 3d modeling
3D Printing Course using Cura

It will give you a solid understanding of SolidWorks and will cover creating 2D sketches and 3D models. Later, you will learn how to export to a format for 3D printing. You will learn: Cura3D modeling for 3d printing, Cura installation and machine configuration, Solidworks file export to STL and opening in Cura, Movement and model selection, model rotation and scaling, right-click controls on the model, curation preferences and display modes, and much more.


Inventor Nastran Course

During this course you will learn the typical workflow for the design and simulation of mechanical parts. We will always give a simple and compressible introduction to the theoretical aspects of simulation. This way you can develop criteria and understand the reasons for the parameters that you will find in the program. What will you learn:

  • Create mechanical part performance simulations
  • Understand the concepts related to numerical simulation using finite elements.
  • Understand the workflow in Autodesk Inventor Nastran
  • Create static simulations of mechanical problems
  • Create nonlinear behavior analysis in mechanics.
  • Understand the different types of non-linearity.
  • Create dynamic and vibration analysis on mechanical parts
  • Conduct fatigue studies
  • Carry out heat transfer studies on mechanical parts.


PTC CREO Parametric Course - Design, analysis and simulation (1/3)

This is a course focused on mechanical design using CREO Parametric software. In its first chapter, the generalities of the interface for the construction of parts are explained, then the main CAD drawing commands, and commands such as extrusion, revolution and sweep are explained. In addition, processes such as hole modeling, fillets and edge chamfering are added. What will you learn:

  • Sketch commands and features
  • 3D commands and features
  • 3D edit features
  • Advanced modeling features
  • And more

PTC CREO Parametric Course - Design, analysis and simulation (2/3)

Wiith this advanced 3D modeling course that uses advanced Creo Parametric commands. In it, the commands are explained in detail and a practical project will be carried out to strengthen learning. The files of the exercises are included as well as the rendered images of the final result of the project. What will you learn:

  • Assembling parts
  • 3D modeling and simulation mechanism


PTC CREO Parametric Course - Design, Ansys and Simulation (3/3)

This Course includes: Truss Analysis, Bridge Beam, Vibration Dampening, Cantilever Beam, C Channel, Friction Effects, Projectile Motion, Thermal Analysis. What will you learn:

  • Finite Element Analysis Using Beams, Bridges, Truss, C-Channel, and Similar Structures
  • thermal analysis
  • projectile movement

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Diploma - Product Lifecycle Expert

620,97 €


Originalbetrag in USD:

$ 645