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Dog Behaviour and Training Diploma

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Whether you administer a pet training business or own a dog, it is quite essential to recognise when your dog is scared, down, over-excited, afraid or anxious. Get you thinking about dogs and dog behaviour like never before by enrolling in this Dog Behaviour and Training Diploma course.

The course focuses on the awareness of social structure in dogs and covers everything you need to know about dogs. By studying this course, you’ll learn the most up to date and proven practices of dog communication, advanced training principles, including behaviour, conduct and obedience. This course will help you explore how to diagnose primary behavioural problems, understand aggression in dogs and prepare you joyfully live a comfortable life with your dogs.

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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

House Training
Basic Commands
Reward Training
Common Terminologies
Head Collar Training
Obedience Training


Basic Dog Training
  • Introduction
  • The Basic Commands
  • Training Your New Puppy
  • Leash/Collar Training
  • Head Collar Training
  • Training Collar or Choke Collar
  • Reward Training
  • Crate and House Training
  • Dog Obedience Training
  • Dog Training Issues
  • Advanced Dog Training Exercises
  • More Dog or Puppy Training Issues and Exercises
  • Conclusion
Stopping Dog Barking
  • Introduction
  • My Dog Barks: What to Do?
  • My dog loves to bark: Understanding the Dog 24/7
  • The Myths About Dogs
  • I don’t want my dog getting hurt
  • Dealing with Barking Problem
  • Controlling his ARF-ARF-ARF
  • Curious About Barking Reasons
  • There are still any Reasons Left?
  • Camp Barking
  • 00:15:00
  • Training a Dog Yourself The Easy Way
  • 00:30:00
  • What about a Watchdog
  • Dog vs. The Neighbours
  • Uh oh Puppies
  • I Could only Tolerate so Much
  • Me and my Dog
  • Be in Touch with Your Pooch
  • The Justice System
  • Conclusion
Show Training
  • Introduction
  • Dog Shows
  • I’m a beginner, now what should I do?
  • Training your Dogs
  • Taking Care of Your Show dog
  • Feeding Your Dog in a Nutritious Way
  • Dog Show Categories
  • Why Smaller breeds are preferable?
  • Which Dog Show is perfect for my Dog?
  • What to remember
  • Common Terminologies
  • Conclusion
Recommended Reading
  • Recommended Reading : Dog Behaviour and Training Diploma
Mock Exam
  • Mock Exam – Dog Behaviour and Training Diploma
Final Exam
  • Final Exam – Dog Behaviour and Training Diploma