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Do you love working with animals and want to direct your career towards spending your day pampering and grooming them? Are you looking to secure a position in dog grooming or maybe start your own mobile business in your local area? Then the dog grooming diploma may be the right option for you.

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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Dog Grooming
Pet Grooming
History of Dog Grooming
Pre-grooming Health Assessment
Coat and Skin Disorders and How to Groom a Dog
Prepping the Work Area
Drying a Dog
Cleaning Your Working Environment
Grooming Specialities


Course Content

          • Module 1: Introduction
          • Module 2 : History of Dog Grooming
          • Module 3 : Anatomy and Health, Parasites, Infections & Zoonotic diseases in dogs
          • Module 4 : Pre-grooming Health Assessment
          • Module 5 : Coat and Skin Disorders and How to Groom a Dog
          • Module 6 : Getting Started
          • Module 7 : Animal Training, Dealing with Difficult Dogs & Training for Grooming
          • Module 8 : Prepping the Work Area
          • Module 9 : Pre-bath Preparation
          • Module 10 : How to Bath a Dog
          • Module 11 : Drying a Dog
          • Module 12 : Detail Grooming (Clipping, Scissoring, Eyes, Ears, Teeth, Feet, Bottoms)
          • Module 13 : Cleaning Your Working Environment
          • Module 14 : Grooming Specialities
          • Module 15: Law in the Workplace, First Aid and Emergency Care