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Tipologie Kurs
Niveau Intermediate
Methodologie Online
Dauer 6 Weeks
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  • Kurs
  • Intermediate
  • Online
  • Dauer:
    6 Weeks
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  • Online Campus
  • Versendung von Lernmaterial
  • Beratungsservice
  • Virtueller Unterricht

Every now and then a truly revolutionary new technology emerges and changes the world as we know it. These technologies always take us to places we have never imagined reaching. The engine allowed us to travel far distances and made the world a smaller place, the telephone was a paradigm shift for communication and of course the internet revolutionized the spread of information, as no one ever thought possible. Now a new disruptive technology emerges – and it has just begun to unfold its potential.

Blockchain is one of the most discussed and dominant topics in news and science, even though there is still a great uncertainty to what this technology is all about – and what it's true potential can be. Blockchain technology is mostly associated with crypto currencies in public discussions, especially Bitcoin. But more importantly, blockchain showed, that is has the potential to be a solution to almost every problem of digital infrastructure.

The purpose of this course is to provide you with comprehensive knowledge about the idea and capabilities of blockchain, from a potential business perspective. Participants of the course will be able to distinguish where the implementation of a blockchain can become a useful application or business model. With various practical insights and examples from experts, you will not only learn about their best practices, but also, how a blockchain project can be successfully implemented in your company and industry.

Be part of the change and learn how you and your company can profit from blockchain technology!

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Business portfolio management, strategy professionals, business developers, entrepreneurs, finance professionals





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Business Strategy


Suggestions & Recommendations
  • Unit 1: The Blockchain Technology Basics
  • Unit 2: Crypto Assets and Tokenisation
  • Unit 3: Use of Blockchain in Different Industries
What Do We Offer?
  • An interactive e-learning course, including video lectures, readings, practical exercises, online tests and case studies.
  • Designed learning materials for a maximum learning effect for people with limited time
  • A discussion forum for course related issues as well as for exchange of opinions and experiences with your classmates and tutors.
  • Personalized support from your FSDF e-Campus Team.

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Registration Fees: 750 Euros