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      Environmental Engineering

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      • Bachelor's degree
      • Taranto (Italy)
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      The degree course in Environmental Engineering provides the students with the basic scientific knowledge of Civil and Environmental engineering and is highly oriented towards the themes of environmental safeguarding, recovery and remediation.

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      -deal with complex problems deriving from the interaction between man-made and environmental actions;
      -acquire the indispensable elements to characterize and manage the natural resources present in the territory in order to make their use compatible, while at the same time guaranteeing sustainable development of environmental systems;
      -utilize techniques for the planning, design and evaluation of the environmental impact and compatibility of engineering works;
      -utilize systems and methods of environmental physics and chemistry;
      -operate for the environmentally friendly management and town planning of the territory;
      -design, construct and monitor the structures and infrastructures of the territory.

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      Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

      Environmental Engineering
      Sustainable Energy Systems
      Mathematical Analysis
      Hydraulic protection


      First year

      • Mathematical Analysis
      • Geometry and Algebra
      • Fundamentals of Computer Science
      • Economics and Business Organization
      • European Environmental Law
      • Chemistry
      • Ecology applied to Engineering
      • General Physics

      Second year

      • Construction Science
      • Territorial Engineering
      • Hydraulics
      • Topography and Numerical Cartography
      • Materials Technology and Urban Waste Treatment
      • Mobility Infrastructure
      • Elective course

      Third year

      • Geotechnics
      • Fundamentals of Construction Techniques and Sustainability of Structures
      • Hydraulic Protection for the Territory and Hydraulic Infrastructures
      • Health Care and Environmental Engineering
      • Fundamentals of Transportation
      • Elective course
      • Internship

      Zusätzliche Informationen

      The learning pathway guarantees that graduates will meet the requirements for admission to the Professional Exam, for entry to the Italian Professional Register of Engineers, section B Civil and Environmental.

      Professional opportunities

      The professional fields open to graduates are those of planning, organization and site management of civil and environmental engineering works, consultancy for technical and commercial structures, both in the manufacturing and service sectors as well as in public administration.

      The main employment opportunities are with:

      -construction and maintenance companies for civil engineering works, plants and infrastructures
      - engineering services firms and companies for the design of civil engineering works, plants and infrastructures
      -public offices for the design, planning, management and control of urban and territorial systems
      -businesses, authorities, consortia and agencies for the management and control of work and service systems
      -public and private sector businesses and authorities, engineering services firms, involved in design, planning, realization and management of engineering works and systems for environmental and territory control and monitoring, land defense, waste processing and, environmental and energy resources management
      -businesses, laboratories, public and private sector companies, and engineeringservices firms for environmental geognostics, measurement and surveying for the control and protection of territory, engineering works, systems, recycling and reuse.