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Environmental Studies

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Learning Goals: Environmental Studies

To understand the binomial system of classifying living things
To understand the use of keys to identify living things
To grasp the basics of ecology (the relationships between living organisms and their environment)
To have a basic grounding in Earth Science and an understanding of global environmental systems
To understand the Earth's major environmental problems and how they have come about
To gain an understanding of conservation and its importance to individuals and the world
To learn a range of ways to reduce the environmental impact of ones' actions at home and globally               

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Distance Learning
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Distance Learning

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Environmental Health
Environmental Impact
Environmental Science
Environmental Awareness
Renewable Resources


Lesson Structure: Environmental Studies VEN100

There are 6 lessons;

Living Things
Classification of plants and animals
identifying living organisms
using identification keys
Basic Ecology
constituents of ecosystem
the ecosphere
the web of life
habitats and niches
humans in the environment.
Global Environmental Systems
The Earths structure
the atmosphere
climatic systems
Gaia theory
the carbon dioxide cycle
El Nino.
Environmental Problems
loss of agricultural land
loss of biological diversity
loss of water
loss of non renewable resources
environmental weeds
the Greenhouse Effect
Ozone depletion
ozone as a Greenhouse gas
The definition and goals of conservation
the history of conservation
natural resources (renewable and non renewable).
Acting Locally: Thinking Globally
Humans and water
how to minimize water usage
energy use in the home
reducing household waste
domestic transport and its affect on pollution
building materials and their environmental impact.


Classify a range of living organisms in your locality
Identify the genus and species names of plants in a nursery
Compose a food web for your local area
Carry out basic research into the weather in your area and what affects it
Carry out in depth research into at least one major environmental problem
Contact three conservation organisations to determine the issues they deal with
Survey a building to determine the types of building materials used
Design an environmentally friendly house

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Ecology, Environment Sustainability, Conservation