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Essential Oils Business Diploma Course

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Emagister.co.uk is happy to announce this new course on aromatherapy and essential oils and how to create a business from the knowledge of the properties of each scent and oil. Essential oils are in reality clear liquids made of different parts of a plant: the flower, the stem, the root, etc., creating a nice smell and health benefits.

For instance, lavender is commonly used to aid sleep and calm anxiety, but can also be used for insect bites ans burns, like aloe vera. Lemon oil together with olive oil can help to prevent bad breath, and can also be used, mixed with baking soda, as lavender soap. All this is very helpful to create new business and marketing elements for sale.

If you are keen on these properties, you simply cannot miss this online course. Its flexible mode makes the study of the properties self paced and from the comfort of your sofa. In this course you will learn the starting point to create your own business, either by selling these oils or by becoming a holistic specialist on essential oils.

Emagister.co.uk...where interesting opportunities are on the palm of your hand. Do not miss the opportunity and ask any information that you need to Centre of Excellence via Emagister.co.uk.

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This course is ideal for those that are looking to set up their own business using essential oils. Primarily aimed at those who would who would like to start a standalone business either making and selling their own essential oils, or those that are looking to use the essential oils as part of their holistic practice such as Aromatherapists or Massage Therapists. The Essential Oils Business Course will also be of interest to those who wish to sell oils as part of a larger business that sells similar or related products, such as soaps, skincare and candles. Likewise, those in the health and beauty and relaxation industries may like to offer essentials oil as a complimentary sale to their current services.

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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Holistic therapy
Energy Healing
Business Process
Creative Thinking
Customer Service
Organizational Skills
Alternative Medicine
Therapy skills


Module 1: All about essential oils
Breathe oil blend
Part 1: What are essential oils?
Part 2: Where do these essential oils come from?
Part 3: History of essential oils
Part 4: History of essential oils. Lavender oil. Peppermint oil.
Part 5: Summary

Module 2: Facts and uses of essential oils
Part 1: Using essential oils
Part 2: Facts you must know about essential oils.
Part 3: Healing properties of essential oils. 
Part 4: Summary

Module 3: How to make an essential oil 
Part 1: How to make an essential oil
Part 2:Solvent extraction method
Part 3: Steam Distilation method
Part 4: Expression method
Part 5: Some recipes using essential oils.
Part 6; Summary

Module 4: Getting started
Part 1: Learning about essential oils
Part 2: Becoming a professional
Part 3: Turning your knowledge into a business
Part 4: Treatment room
Part 5: Summary

Module 5: Basics of an essential oils business
Part 1: Basics a¡of and essential oils business
Part 2: Most popular essential oils include 
Part 3: Things to note
Part 4: Start your own business
Part 5: Essential oils business
Part 6: Importance of promotion and advertising
Part 7: Summary

Module 6: Knowing your customers' needs
Part 1: Customers matter
Part 2: What customers want
Part 3: Know your customers
Part 4: Start your own business
Part 5: Essential oils business
Part 6: Importance of promotion and advertising
Part 7: Summary