Executive Master in Marketing and Sales


Blended learning in Barcelona (Spanien), Madrid (Spanien) und Milán (Italien)

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The Executive Master in Marketing & Sales is a unique programme conducted by two of the most prestigious business schools in Europe. Participants who undertake this 14-month degree programme for current and developing executives will become more knowledgeable professionals, more substantial contributors to their companies, more international thinkers and stronger business leaders

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Barcelona (Spanien)
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Avenida de Esplugues, 92-96, 08034


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Madrid (Spanien)
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C. Mateo Inurria, 25-27, 28036


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Milán (Italien)
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Via Bocconi, 8


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Hinweise zu diesem Kurs

- Minimum 4 years of work experience - Minimum 25 years - University or bachelor degree - TOEFL or equivalent English proficiency test * EMMS Program accepts TOEFL, Cambridge, IELTS and ESADE English test (on Saturdays, Barcelona and Madrid).

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Participants will develop a more strategic mind frame, systematize their marketing and sales skills and understand their field better. Emms is a true executive programme while the participants will not have to leave their job. It is the best alternative to an MBA programme focused on Marketing & Sales.

Typical emms applicants want to grow fast, both as people and as professionals. They are looking for a way to further their knowledge of marketing and sales management so they can boost their skills and self-confidence, leapfrog others and reach ambitious goals.

As participants gain a deeper knowledge of Marketing and Sales fields through EMMS, they also begin to open doors they never even knew were there.

Here are some goals mentioned by recent successful participants:

  • Systematize marketing skills and grasp new marketing perspectives
  • Become a marketing and communication manager in an international company
  • Achieve a deeper understanding of consumer behavior and marketing techniques
  • To take on an export or marketing director position
  • Gain theoretical marketing knowledge and practical sales direction
  • Become better prepared to face new challenges in professional life

Fundamental Courses
Module 1
January - March 2012

  • Marketing Management
  • Sales Management
  • Channel Management

Residency module: January 16 - 21 (Milan)
Distance Learning: January 23 - March 03 (Online)

Module 2
March - May 2012

  • Marketing Research
  • Brand Management
  • Going to the Market

Residency module: March 05 - 10 ( Barcelona)
Distance Learning: March 12 - May 12 (Online)
Advanced Courses

Module 3
May - July 2012

  • Price Strategy and Management
  • Culture and Anthropology
  • Strategic Marketing

Residency module: May 14 - 19(Milan)
Distance Learning: May 21 - July 07 (Online)

Module 4
July - September 2012

  • International Marketing Management
  • Finance for Marketing and Sales
  • Integrated Marketing Communication

Residency module: July 09 - 14 (Barcelona)
Distance Learning: July 16 - September 15 (Online)
Summer Break: August 06 - 19

Module 5
September - November 2012

  • Digital Enablers
  • CRM and Business Intelligence
  • Face-to-face workshop: Negotiation Skills
  • Face-to-face workshop: Making Marketing and Sales work

Residency module: September 17 - 22 (Madrid)
Distance Learning: September 24 - November 10 (Online)

Module 6
November 2012 - January 2013

  • Marketing Creativity and Innovation
  • Sales Management (Advanced)

Residency module: November 12 - 16 (Milan)
Distance Learning: November 19, 2012 - January 19, 2013 (Online)
Winter Break: December 23, 2012 - January 1, 2013

Module 7 - Graduation
February 20 - 22, 2013 (Barcelona)

  • Face-to-face workshop: Negotiation Skills
  • New Trends in Marketing
  • Top Managers Address
  • Head Hunter Address
  • Business Project Presentation
  • Graduation Ceremony

Each course will start with a face-to-face residential session, continue online and end with a final exam in the next face-to-face session.
The first two modules are devoted to Fundamental Courses that ensure a solid, common base. Other modules are dedicated to Advanced Courses.
The programme ends with the Business Project.

6 Fundamental Courses
The six Fundamental Courses are key to the development of essential marketing and sales management knowledge.
These courses represent the building blocks for your emms experience, and they provide a common language for all participants.

10 Advanced Courses
The ten Advanced Courses will improve your understanding of specific marketing and sales management activities, and give a distinctive imprint to your knowledge base.

3 face-to-face workshops:

  • Making Marketing and Sales work:
  • Negotiation Skills:
  • Communication Skills: This a short and intensive course to allow participants to boost their skills in situations such as public speaking, conducting one-to-one interviews, negotiations, working in groups and managing teams. The course also focuses on non-verbal communication.

Business Project
The Business Project is a highlight of the programme and is conducted in small teams at the end of the coursework. Participants help a company develop a solution to a real business problem and also compete for an award. Here is an opportunity for participants to apply their newly acquired knowledge and work closely with some of their colleagues.

Individual Executive Coaching
An "Executive Coaching" program has been added to the emms program to help candidates redesign their professional profile by utilizing their knowledge, experiences, attitudes and skills to leverage their business performance.
The "Executive Coaching" is structured around both individual and plenary sessions and it is present in the emms program starting from the first module and remaining throughout the entire course.

Program in partnership with SDA Bocconi School of Management

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Full programme fee is 32.000 € and includes: - Tuition - All teaching materials - Catering (coffee breaks and lunches) during modules - Use of infrastructure of the both schools It does not include travel and accomodation expenses.

Executive Master in Marketing and Sales

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