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Executive PA: Personal Assistant Training


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Personal Assistants are the vital cog in the machine of a company, and this course will show how to be the best PA there is! Take this course and immediately improve the relationship you have with your executive through better communication techniques, time management skills - prioritising and juggling of tasks.Joan Burge is known as a pioneer of administrative and executive assistant training for good reason. In 1990 she created a unique business niche by founding a movement to help administrators see themselves as professionals so they could excel in business. This kind of experience stands Joan in great stead for passing on her expertise which will turn you into the best possible Personal Assistant.In this course you will learn techniques that will improve your time management skills, through effective use of prioritising and organising tasks. You will learn how to better communicate with your executive and gain the best advice on travel and itinerary planning for your executive.

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21 lectures, containing 1.5 hour of video content, plus 6 supporting PDF's to enhance your learning experience Fully engage your work, perceptions, people-and-process management into a core of effective abilities and thought management. Manage your leader's work and life to impact the organisation. How to easily handle the huge responsibility of follow up and follow through.


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Executive PA
Management Development
Time management
Personal Assistant
Communication Training


Introduction to the Course
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Instructor Intro

How You Perceive Your Role
Handout - How You Perceive Your Role
Perceptions of the Role
Star Assistant Secrets
Become Brilliant at the Basics

Time Management and Getting Control of Your Day
Handbook - Time Management and Getting Control of Your Day
Time Robbers
Reducing Information Overload
Adapting to Change

Juggling Tasks
Handbook - Juggling Tasks
Juggling and Organising Tasks

Handbook - Prioritising
Deadlines and the ABC Prioritising Method

Travel Planning and Itinerary Planning
Handbook - Travel Planning and Itinerary Preparation
Flight Planning
Further Tips
Hotel Information
Snapshot Travel Brochure Template

Communicating With Your Executive
Handbook - Communicating With Your Executive
Daily Huddles and Communication methods

Course Quiz