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Trendimi Limited

Furniture Restoration

Trendimi Limited

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Tipologie Kurs
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Unterrichtsstunden 30h
Dauer 45 Days
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  • Dauer:
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In this furniture restoration course you will learn the basic principles and techniques for restoring multiple types of materials and creating do-it-yourself décor you can be proud of.

Whether you are interested in updating your own living space, creating an original furniture piece as a gift, selling an item that you’ve refurbished, or considering a business endeavor in the world of furniture restoration, you will find that after completing this course model you will have the tools, techniques, and tricks to let your creativity soar!

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In this furniture restoration course, you will learn:

The aesthetic principles of various historical time periods
What makes something an “antique”
Tips and tricks for finding hidden treasures
Ways to save money while furnishing your home, office, or any living space
How to safely work with various materials and chemicals
How to strip, sand, stain, and paint wood pieces
The best techniques for restoring coaches, chairs, and other upholstery items
Ways to update household items and novelty pieces so they become valued structures at a fraction of what you would pay in retail stores

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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Design techniques
Furniture Design
Wood carving
Furniture restoration


Module 1 : Principles of furniture restoration
What is furniture restoration?
History of furniture restoration
Why restore furniture?
Antique versus modern restorations

Module 2 : Getting started
Choosing a piece to restore
Deciding on a concept or theme
Finding the rightsupplies
Taking safety precautions

Module 3 : Working with types of wood
Sanding and stripping the wood
Repairing cracks or scratches
Painting techniques
Staining, polishing, waxing and other finishing steps
DIY project: Dresser restoration

Module 4 : How to update upholstery
Types of upholstery to restore
Choosing fabrics to suit your décor
Removing the old upholstery
Cutting, sewing, and working with fabrics and foam
DIY project: remodeled dining chairs

Module 5 : Other restoration projects
Refinishing metals
Updating lighting fixtures
Working with mirror and glass pieces
Restoring clocks and novelty pieces
DIY project: old trunk or suitcase coffee table