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Hot Stone Massage Treatments


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Whether you're new to the art of massage, or a professional therapist looking to enhance your range of treatments, this Hot Stone Massage Masterclass is perfect for you! From the equipment you'll need, to delivering the most relaxing massage strokes, this course will teach you everything you need to know about hot stones massage.Mark Perren-Jones has worked in massage therapy and acupuncture for over 20 years, travelling all over the world to treat professional sports people and celebrities. Now the owner of Isla Verde Spa, Mark will use his expertise to teach you the special form of hot stones massage he offers to his clients.From his own experience, Mark knows that it is not enough to just learn about the stones themselves. So he goes beyond other courses, and guides you through the best methods for massaging with the hands and forearms. With your newly perfected hot stones massage techniques and Mark's tips for setting up a successful business, this masterclass will help you become an expert in relaxation!

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2.5 hours of video lectures including step-by-step tutorials on incredible massage sequences.
Learn everything about the hot stones and equipment you'll need.
Discover acupressure and forearm techniques that are sure to give your clients an amazing relaxing experience.
Put it all together and learn how to give an unbelievable full body hot stones massage!
Be taught by an expert massage therapist who owns their own luxury spa.
Expert tips for successfully running and marketing a spa or massage clinic. 

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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Hot Stone Massage


Getting Started on the Right Path!
Say hi to your fellow students!
Share your new course with your friends!
Getting Started

Equipment and Set Up
Massage Tables - The 4 Most Important Factors
A few Things Regarding Equipment
The Set Up
One factor that makes a HUGE Difference!

Massage Tips
It's all in the Timing!
Handout - Contraindications of Massage
What We Avoid and Why
Do No Harm
The Perfect Person for Feedback
Why Most Massage Therapists Don't Last
Practice Makes Perfect!
2 Final Points
Putting it all Together-The Checklist
Handout - Client Information Sheet

The Massage Strokes
Soft Hands
Scissors Stroke
General stroke
Acupressure Technique

Full Body Massage
Starting the Massage
Back of Legs
Arms other Side

Hot Stones Massage Sequence
Full Hot Stones Massage Sequence Part 1
Full Hot Stones Massage Sequence Part 2
Full Hot Stones Massage Sequence Part 3
Handout - Isla Verde Spa Massage Sequence - Instructions
Congratulations! You Did It!

Part 1 - Introduction and Massage Tips
Part 2 - The Massage Strokes