HR and Payroll Management for the UK

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Human resources and payroll are fundamental parts of any successful business, and a qualified person will be in high demand and can enjoy a successful career. That is why Emagister has added this HR and Payroll Management for the UK course to its educational catalog.

The administration and processing of payroll and human resources are essential tasks, so it is important that those in human resources and in the payroll administration are trained and have knowledge. This human resources and payroll management for the United Kingdom will teach you the responsibilities of a payroll and human resources management professional in the United Kingdom. Understand recruitment, selection and evaluation of personnel, and gain understanding of diverse cultures and ethics. This course covers the motivation of employees, the relationships between employees and employers and how to manage change in an organization. In addition, students will receive a great understanding of the payroll process, including payroll software systems, how to correct payroll errors and how to run an efficient payroll system.

Take this opportunity to train with professionals and advance your career. If you would like to know more details about this course, do not hesitate to request more information on the Emagister website.

Wichtige Informationen

Ist dieser Kurs für mich?: This course would be ideal for anyone hoping to work in HR and Payroll Management and would also benefit those working in these areas who hope to advance to management level.

Wie geht es nach der Informationsanfrage weiter?: On receiving your request, one of our staff members will call you or send you a message by explaining everything about the course you are requesting information, including how you can sign up, payment options, exam, and enrollment requirements etc.

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Voraussetzungen: Learners must be age 16 or over and should have a good grasp of the English language, literacy, numeracy and ICT

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  • Payroll
  • National Insurance
  • Systems
  • Accredited
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Statutory Pay
  • The Employee Life cycle
  • Information on Learning and Development Strategy
  • Human Resource Practices
  • Fundamentals of Payroll Systems & Management
  • Explore the Basics of Payroll Systems
  • Defining Payroll Systems in the UK
  • Process Of The Paye System
  • Employment Allowance
  • Employment Termination
  • The Retirement Scheme
  • Correcting Payroll Errors
  • Basics Of Payroll Systems
  • Efficient Payroll
  • Calculating Net And Gross Pay


Module 01-Nature Of Human Resource Management

Module 02-Human Resource Planning

Module 03-The Employee Life Cycle

Module 04-Information On Learning And Development Strategy

Module 05-Human Resource Practices

Module 06-Fundamentals Of Payroll Systems & Management

Module 07-Explore The Basics Of Payroll Systems

Module 08-Defining Payroll Systems In The Uk

Module 09-Running An Efficient Payroll

Module 10-Workforce’s Starting And Leaving The Business

Module 11-How To Deal With Hmrc In Relation To New Employees

Module 12-Process Of Calculating Net And Gross Pay

Module 13-Understanding Net Pay Resulting From Voluntary And Statutory Deductions

Module 14-The Process Of Statutory Pay

Module 15-The National Minimum Wages For Different Types Of Work

Module 16-Overview Of The National Insurance Contributions System (Nic)

Module 17-National Insurance Contributions (Nic) & Less Payments Of Employees

Module 18-Process Of The Paye System

Module 19-How To Deal With The Online Paye System For Employers

Module 20-Applying The Employment Allowance

Module 21-Payments At Employment Termination

Module 22-Explaining The Retirement Scheme

Module 23-How To Work Effectively With The Rti Computerized Payroll System

Module 24-Studying Payroll Computer Software Programs

Module 25-Correcting Payroll Errors

Module 26-How To Maintain Employee Records

Module 27-Annual Reporting And Other Tasks Connected With Payroll

Module 28-A Summary Of The Legal Obligations Associated With Payroll Systems

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Career Path:

This course would allow you to fulfil any of the following roles:

Payroll Clerk
Payroll Administrator
Office Administrator/ Office Manager
HR Account
HR Administrator
HR Assistant
HR Manager
Recruitment and Hiring Manager
HR Consultant
Training and Development Manager
HR Executive

HR and Payroll Management for the UK


57 € 232 € zzgl. MwSt.


Originalbetrag in GBP:

£ 49 £ 199