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Indian Head Diploma Course

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In this Indian head massage diploma course also sometimes referred to as Champissage massage, you will be taught everything you need to know to offer your clients a full and professional Indian head massage routine. The head represents our nervous system and crown chakra. This is the chakra we use to communicate on a higher and more spiritual level. This is why Indian head massage is considered one of the more beneficial complementary therapies yet works well on both a spiritual and practical level.

Indian head massage can also help with short-term memory difficulties. This is due to our brains getting overloaded with disorganised thoughts, which can make it difficult for us to efficiently ‘log’ and collect thoughts and occurrences.

Indian Head Massage slows us down, sensual awareness takes over, thoughts quieten and awareness is brought to the forefront. Think of it like someone pressing your ‘reset’ button.

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Stephanie Tillbrook
Das Beste: I’m really enjoying this course without the pressure of deadlines. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.
Zu verbessern: No complaints.
Kurs abgeschlossen: März 2016
Würden Sie diesen Bildungsanbieter weiterempfehlen?: Ja
Rebecca Warren
Das Beste: The course has been useful and interesting. I was a little worried about doing it online but the guide, videos and images really made it easy. I would definitely recommend Luna to everyone.
Zu verbessern: Everything good.
Kurs abgeschlossen: März 2013
Würden Sie diesen Bildungsanbieter weiterempfehlen?: Ja
Dannisha Zuill
Das Beste: Pretty easy and informative course. In my hair salon I constantly give head massages to finish off after shampooing. And since taking this course, my head massages have become nothing but better. I am, as well as my clients, very pleased with the results.
Zu verbessern: No complaints.
Kurs abgeschlossen: September 2013
Würden Sie diesen Bildungsanbieter weiterempfehlen?: Ja
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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Holistic therapy
Indian Head Massage
Massage Therapy
Massage Techniques
Practitioner Preparation


Some of the things you will learn in this course are:

  • Introduction to Indian Head Massage
  • History of Indian head massage
  • How to do Indian head massage
  • Indian head massage routine
  • Indian head massage techniques
  • Physiology & Anatomy of skin, skeleton, muscles and hair
  • The effects and benefits of Indian Head Massage
  • Working with essential oils
  • Learn how to do pertrissage, tapping and hacking massage
  • Facial Massage
  • Aftercare advise

Course overview

Part 1

  • History of Indian head massage
  • physiological and psychological benefits of Indian Head Massage
  • Behavioural effects of stress
  • Chakra system
  • Essential oils

Part 2

  • Anatomy of a headache
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the skin, skeleton, muscles and hair
  • Effects of Massage on the skin, skeleton, muscles and hair
  • Names of the Skeletal Muscles
  • Contraindications of massage
  • Preparation of therapy room

Part 3

  • Massage techniques in pertrissage, tapping and hacking
  • How to begin your Indian head massage
  • Massage of upper arms,
  • Massage of scalp, face and ears
  • Reactions and aftercare
  • Relaxation techniques for the therapist
  • Case studies and how to prepare for them

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