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Inner Child Healing Diploma Course

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Tipologie Short course
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Unterrichtsstunden 150h
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  • Short course
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  • 150h
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Are you ready to explore new concept? With this course you’ll get in touch with the inner child, what is it, why is important, case studies and the benefits of healing it. You will learn about the most renowned figures regarding this area and, most important, to embark your own healing journey.

The programme will start with an introduction that includes all the basic aspects, such as trauma, false self, the importance of healing the inner child. You will also have a glimpse at the thoughts of Carl Jung, one of the most influential figures in western physiology.

You will also be able to learn its benefits and help your clients to heal with this type of therapy through various techniques, like looking how people relate to others, to their parents now and then, and also concerns about denial, blame and responsibility.

You will also learn about Eric Berne, Alice Miller, and John Bradshaw, other important figures that will enrich your knowledge with their thoughts, life and approaches to therapy.

It’s important for you to work on your own inner child healing before helping your clients, reason why you will learn how to take care of yourself and the professional ethics needed.

If you want to learn more about this programme, contact Centre of Excellence through now!

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You’ll gain a deep understanding of what the inner child is and the different methods and models that can be used to carry out this form of therapy. You’ll also be encouraged to complete your own emotional healing journey.

Ist dieser Kurs für mich?

The Inner Child Healing Diploma Course is perfect for anyone who is interested in the concept of the inner child and its associated therapy.

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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Emotional Intelligence
Transactional Analysis
Professional Ethics
Therapy skills
Inner child
Jungian Thought
Psycological issues


Module 1:  Inner Child Theory
Part 1: What is inner Child?
Part 2: Jungian Thought
Part 3: Trauma and the false self
Module 1 Assesment 

Module 2: The Benefits of Inner Child Therapy
Part 1: The ultimate goal of inner child therapy
Part 2: Help with psycological issues
Module 2 assesment

Module 3: What is inner child therapy?
Part 1: Different approaches to inner child therapy
Part 2: Working with the past
Part 3: Work in the present
Module 3 assesment 

Module 4: Inner child therapy techniques
Part 1: Connecting with your inner child
Part 2: The lighter side
Part 3: Take an inner journey
Module 4 assesment 

Module 5: Relationships with parents
Part 1: The importance of facing facts
Part 2: A sliding scale of neglect
Part 3: Blame and responsability 
Module 5 assesment 

Module 6: Dr Alice Miller
Part 1: Introduction to Alice Miller
Part 2: Alice Miller's important works
Part 3: Key ideas from Miller's work
Module 6 assesment 

Module 7: Eric Berne
Part 1: Introduction to Eric Berne
Part 2: The basics of transactional analysis
Part 3: Childhood scripts and life experiences
Module 7 assesment 

Module 8: John Bradshaw
Part 1: Introduction to John Bradshaw
Part 2: Bradshaw's unique approach
Module 8 assesment 

Module 9: Offering therapy
Part 1: Your own inner child
Part 2: Taking care of yourself
Part 3: Professional ethics
Module 9 assesment 

Module 10: Case studies
Part 1: Case study 1
Part 2: Case study 2
Part 3: Case study 3
Module 10 assesment