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Interactive Opera PMS Online Course Create A Reservation, Check In, Check Out

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    30 Days
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Emagister.co.uk has just uploaded this interactive online course that serves as an introduction to Opera PMS, You will finish the course knowing how to make a reservation, as well as check in and check outs.

This interactive online course is an introduction to Opera PMS on how to create a basic reservation, how to complete a simple check in and a check out. You will use practical cases and workshops on these two basic operations.

From the comfort of your home and through practical exercises and quizzes, you will be able to manage these tool for basic reservations and check outs.

Contact Reception Academy through Emagister.co.uk and receive all the information needed to take a step further in your career!

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Hospitality Management
Hotel Management
Hotel reception
Reception Skills
Booking procedures
Hotel terminology
Reservation procedures
Hotel procedures
Hospitality Communication
Reservations Agent
Opera PMS
Guest Satisfaction
Hotel Software
Receptionist Training


How to create a simple reservation
How to check in a guest
How to check out a guest

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