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Interior Design Level 3

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This interior design course is designed for individuals with no prior knowledge who want to learn about interior design. Participants of this course will learn about the history of interior design and where interior design is heading. Learn a variety of design styles ranging from classic to modern. Develop an understanding of the seven key elements relating to design. Explore how room elements affect the design of the room. Create a business plan in order to launch a business. Learn how to use a range of tools and equipment. After completing this course, participants will have a strong understanding of the important aspects of interior design and potential open their own design business.

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Voraussetzungen: No prior knowledge or experience is required to complete this course.

Accredited or approved course provider: Interior Design Level 3 award from NCFE - ABC Awards

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Distance Learning

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Interior Fittings
Colour Schemes
Business Plan
Interior Design
History of Interior Design
Design Elements
Room Elements
The Project
Tools of the Trade


This course consists of six units of study:



1 The Origins of Design

·         The origins of Interior design

·         Influences through the ages

·         Great Designers of our recent past


2 Interior Design Styles

·         Design Styles

·         Design concepts that embrace ecological consideration


3 Planning an Interior Design Project

·         Planning the project

·         Pre-planning checks

·         Planning tools


4 Design Elements

·         Space

·         Colour

·         Balance

·         Texture and Pattern

·         Scale

·         Line

·         Form


5 Physical Elements of Design

·         Architectural Details

·         Windows

·         Doors

·         Flooring

·         Lighting

·         Wall treatments

·         Window dressing

·         Fabrics

·         Accessories



6 Making a Living from Interior Design

·         Have you got what it takes to be an Interior Designer?

·         Setting up a small business

o   Writing a business plan

o   Methods of payment

o   Tax

o   VAT

o   National Insurance

o   Insurance

o   Health & safety

Study Method
  The course is designed for study by distance learning at work or at home. Students receive course manual, assignments and studyguide plus tutor support by mail and email. You can start at any time and plan your studies over a period of up to one year from the time of registration. 

Assessment   Each element is followed by a written assignment, which is submitted and marked by your tutor. There is no external examination required.