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"Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3 "

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This course provides an overview of the changes to HTML5 and CSS3 from their previous versions. It introduces some of the key features of HTML5 and CSS3, and how to apply these features to create a simple HTML5 program styled with CSS3. This course also shows how supporting browsers will render the page and provides fallback solutions for non-supporting browsers.

Target Audience
Experienced web developers seeking skills in using HTML5 and CSS3

Lesson Objectives
After completing this course, you should be able to accomplish the objectives from the following lessons and topics."

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"Syllabus: Getting Started with HTML5 Use the new document syntax in HTML5 Add syntax for Modernizr to check for browser support of common elements of HTML5 New and Deprecated Attributes and Elements in HTML5 Identify new, redefined, and deprecated attributes and elements in HTML5 Use HTML5’s new global attributes New Semantic Elements in HTML5 Use HTML5’s new semantic elements Writing a Simple HTML5 Program Incorporating Style in HTML5 with CSS3 Introduction to CSS3 Recognize key characteristics of CSS3 Use Modernizr to detect browser support for CSS3 styles New Features of CSS3 Use new CSS3 style features Course Topic Topic:Incorporating CSS3 into an HTML5 Program"