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Introduction to Public Sector Management

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Tipologie Short course
Ort London (England)
Dauer 3 Days
Beginn 24/04/2019
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  • Short course
  • London (England)
  • Dauer:
    3 Days
  • Beginn:
    weitere Termine

Immerse yourself in the world of public sector with this Introduction to Public Sector Management, offered by London Business Training & Consulting, that Emagister.co.uk has added to its educational catalogue.

This programme is held during a week and is classroom-based. Upon completion of the summary, you will be able to understand politics and different policies towards the public sector and its management; public finance, how fiscal policy is made, what public money is spent on and where it comes from; and the major areas of policy that need to be managed, including income maintenance, community care, education, criminal justice, health and housing.

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Financial regulators; banking staff; those who wish to gain a comprehensive insight into the business of banking, the impact of the financial crisis upon the banking sector globally and the far-reaching regulatory reforms.

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24 Apr 2019
28 Aug 2019
04 Dez 2019
Seven Pancras Square 7 King’s Boulevard Kings Cross London N1C 4AG, London, England
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Beginn 24 Apr 2019
28 Aug 2019
04 Dez 2019
Seven Pancras Square 7 King’s Boulevard Kings Cross London N1C 4AG, London, England
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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Community Care
Political Theory
Public Sector
State Politics
Care Education
Fiscal Policy


Politics and the Public Sector
  • Political differences
  • The role of the state
  • A centralised or decentralised state?
  • Politics and management: values
Public Spending
  • The macro-economic policy context
  • Fiscal policy and the economic cycles
  • What is the money spent on?
  • Where does the money come from?
  • Public spending in the devoted administrations
  • Why is the level of public spending important?
  • The fiscal crisis of 2008 and its aftermath
Social Policies and Management
  • Choice of policy instrument
  • Trends in policy and management
  • Income maintenance
  • Community care
  • Education
  • Criminal justice
  • Health policy
  • Housing