Introduction to VB.NET


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This online training is to learn the VB.NET Programming. The tutorials will help you understand how to do programming using Visual Basics. The lessons include Introduction to Programming with VB.NET, Practical Examples In Vb.Net, Programming Constructs in VB.NET and Procedures, Functions and Exception handling.

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– Over 26 lectures and 4 hours of content!
– Understand Programming Constructs in VB.NET
– Learn about Procedures, Functions and Exception handling
– Learn Basic Language features , Data types, Variables and constants in VB.NET

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– Anyone interested in VB.NET Programming
– Programmers
– Developers
– Students and Freshers
– Software Professionals

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Voraussetzungen: – A PC with internet – The course starts from scratch. No prior programming knowledge required

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.Net programming
Object oriented Programming
Visual Basics
Data type
Language feature


In this course on VB.NET, you will learn how to do programming using Visual Basics. The course starts from scratch and hence a beginner can also take and enjoy this course.

The course starts with Introduction to VB.NET where we will get acquainted to Basic Language features , Data types, Variables and constants in VB.NET. We will also learn Basic structure of a VB.NET console based program, Operators and Expressions in VB.NET etc. Then we will proceed to understand Programming constructs in VB.NET, Procedures, Functions, Exception Handling, Arrays, Enumerations and Structure, Object Oriented Programming with VB.NET where we will be introduced to Objects and classes, Constructors and Destructors etc.

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