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ITIL® Foundation and Practitioner (official exams included)

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Are you interested in increasing your knowledge in ITIL? If your answer is “yes” then you should join this ITIL® Foundation and Practitioner (official exams included) course, by Hudson Courses Limited, that has added to its catalogue.

ITIL, formally an acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a set of detailed practices for IT service management (ITSM) that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business. In its current form (known as ITIL 2011), ITIL is published as a series of five core volumes, each of which covers a different ITSM lifecycle stage.

ITIL describes processes, procedures, tasks, and checklists which are not organization-specific, but can be applied by an organization for establishing integration with the organization’s strategy, delivering value, and maintaining a minimum level of competency. It allows the organization to establish a baseline from which it can plan, implement, and measure. It is used to demonstrate compliance and to measure improvement.

ITIL is globally accepted as the most widely used best practices for IT service management. Companies that use ITIL best practices range from IT companies, the Fortune 500 market, governments, and small businesses. ITIL is used internationally.

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Das Beste: I have completed my PMP course from Hudson and I will love to refer this company to others. They have amazing support systems. The course structure is also brilliant and informative.
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Communication Training
Service Operations
Service Management
Service level management
Service reports and dashboards
IT Service Management


Course Programme

This course bundle includes the ITIL Foundation and Practitioner courses, plus the official ITIL exams. Scroll down to see what’s covered in each course.

ITIL Orientation:
Course 01 – ITIL’s Lifecycle Approach to IT Service Management – 2h 23m
Topic A: Introduction to IT Service Management – The Continual Improvement of IT Services
Topic B: Introduction to ITIL® – Guidance for the Planning, Design, Transition, Operation and Continual Improvement of IT Services
Topic C: Service Strategy – Service Value Planned
Topic D: Service Design – Service Value Modeled
Topic E: Service Transition – Service Value Implemented
Topic F: Service Operation – Service Value Delivered & Supported
Topic G: Continual Service Improvement – Sustaining Service Value
Topic H: ITIL® Orientation Summary
ITIL Foundation
Course 01 – Course Introduction – 15m
Topic A – Course Organization
Topic B – Course Conventions
Topic C – Course Agenda
Course 02 – Introduction to ITSM – 53m
Topic A – ITSM as a Practice
Topic B – ITSM Lifecycle
Topic C – ITSM Summary
Topic D – Review of Course Quiz
Course 03 – Continual Service Improvement – 38m
Topic A – CSI Introduction
Topic B – 7-Step Improvement Process
Topic C – CSI Summary
Topic D – Review of Course Quiz
Course 04 – Service Operation – 1hr 54m
Topic A – Introduction to Service Operation
Topic B – Service Operation Processes
Topic C – Service Operation Functions
Topic D – Service Operation Summary
Topic E – Review of Course Quiz
Course 05 – Service Transition – 1hr 19m
Topic A – Introduction to Service Transition
Topic B – Service Transition Processes
Topic C – Summary of Service Transition
Topic D – Review of Course Quiz
Course 06 – Service Design 1hr 40m
Topic A – Service Design Introduction
Topic B – Service Design Processes
Topic C – Service Design Summary
Topic D – Review of Course Quiz
Course 07 – Service Strategy 58m
Topic A – Service Strategy Introduction
Topic B – Service Strategy Activities
Topic C – Service Strategy Summary
Topic D – Review of Course Quiz
Mock Exam
ITIL Practitioner
Course 01 – Introduction to ITIL Practitioner – 14m
Topic A – Course Introduction
Course 02 – ITSM & Continual Improvement – 2hr 21m
Topic A – Learning Objectives
Topic B – Selecting a Management System
Topic C – Systems Thinking
Topic D – The 4Ps
Topic E – Communication & Management Systems
Topic F – Organizational Capabilities
Topic G – Adopt, Adapt & Realize
Topic H – Outside-in vs Inside-out Thinking
Topic I – Defining a Service
Topic J – Metrics & Measurement
Topic K – Improvement, the Practitioner & CSI
Topic L – Driving IT Service Management Summary
Topic M – Checkpoint
Course 03 – Principles & Themes – 53m
Topic A – Learning Objectives
Topic B – Principles
Topic C – Themes
Topic D – Principles & Themes in Practice
Topic E – Principles & Themes Summary
Topic F – Checkpoint
Course 04 – Organizational Change Management (OCM) – 46m
Topic A – Learning Objectives
Topic B – Role & Impact of OCM on Improvement
Topic C – OCM Activities
Topic D – OCM & Systems Thinking
Topic E – OCM Summary
Topic F – Checkpoint
Course 05 – Effective Communication to enable CSI – 37m
Topic A – Learning Objectives
Topic B – Value, Importance & Benefit of Good Communication
Topic C – Principles of Communication
Topic D – Role of Influence
Topic E – Communication Summary
Topic F – Checkpoint
Course 06 – Use Metrics & Measurement – 52m
Topic A – Learning Objectives
Topic B – CSFs, KPIs & Improvement
Topic C – Analyze CSFs & KPIs in Context
Topic D – Assessments
Topic E – Design a Report
Topic F – Use Metrics & Measurement Summary
Topic G – Checkpoint
Course 07 – CSI Approach – 55m
Topic A – Learning Objectives
Topic B – It Depends
Topic C – CSI Approach Deconstructed
Topic D – Goal Question Metric (GQM) Approach Introduction
Topic E – CSI Approach Summary
Topic F – Checkpoint
Course 08 – Integrating CSI with ITIL & Beyond – 46m
Topic A – Learning Objectives
Topic B – CSI Approach for the ITIL Practitioner
Topic C – CSI Approach in ITIL
Topic D – CSI Approach, PRINCE2 & RESILIA
Topic E – Integrating CSI with ITIL & Beyond Summary
Topic F – Checkpoint
Mock Exam

Course access period: 12 months online access