Java EE 7: Front-End Web Application Development Workshop

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Ort Berlin
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This Java EE 7: Front-end Web Application Development training helps you explore building and deploying enterprise applications that comply with the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 7 Web Profile. Expert Oracle University instructors will help you explore annotations, Session Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB-Lite), Java Persistence API (JPA), servlets, JavaServer Pages(JSPs), Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI), JAX-RS RESTful web services, the Java API for WebSocket and the Java API for JSON processing. Learn To: Develop web-based interfaces for both desktop and mobile devices. Assemble an application. Build Java applications. Deploy an application into an application server (Java EE platform runtime environment). Benefits to You By taking this course, you'll gain hands-on experience building Java EE web applications. You will get the chance to create web-based user interfaces using HTML5 and JavaScript along with JSPs and servlets. Web-based user interfaces will use AJAX to communicate with RESTful web services you create; data will persist using JPA and optimistic locking. Participate in Hands-On Labs By learning through hands-on exercises via structured labs, you'll get a chance to explore EJB-Lite session bean components, which can be used with container-managed transactions. You'll perform lab exercises using the NetBeans IDE and GlassFish Server.


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Berlin, Deutschland
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Berlin, Deutschland


    • Create Java EE technology applications with the Java EE 7 Platform
    • Identify the services provided by an Application Server
    • Package, deploy and debug enterprise applications
    • Create web-based user interfaces using Servlet, JSP, JAX-RS, and JavaScript technologies
    • Access relational databases using the Java Persistence API
    • Create scalable, transacted business logic with EJB-Lite
    • Create and use Java annotations
    • Select the correct Java EE Profile for a given application
    • Develop and run an EJB technology application
    • Develop basic Java Persistence API entity classes to enable database access
    • Develop a web-based user interface using Servlets, JSPs, and JAX-RS
    • Design applications to use dependency injection
    • Use IDEs and Application Servers for Java EE development

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