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Start an exciting career as a journalist in print, radio, television or online media! Emagister presents the ICI journalism course, which offers you a unique opportunity to pursue a full-time or part-time career as a professional journalist with various establishments including: Metropolitan newspapers, Newspapers of countries, Suburban newspapers, Consumer magazines, Television stations , Business magazines, Commercials & community radio stations, advertising agencies, public relations / advertising agencies, book publishers or you may want to work as an independent journalist.
Progress making your career journalism, learn the secrets of how to become a journalism professional in months only. Study a journalism course that was developed in conjunction with the journalism industry. Free valuable time, do not waste time and money traveling to classes. Study at your own pace whenever and wherever you are, have access to a tutor.

This whole course is done with distance learning (also known as correspondence learning). Distance learning is perfect if you need to adapt to work, family or other commitments. It is also very beneficial if you simply want to progress in your studies (and career) and not be locked in a calendar.

The content of our course and the learning experience ensure that its is important and interesting. Learning, tutoring assistance and assessments can be done whenever and wherever you prefer. It is done at your own pace on your own terms to suit your lifestyle.
Benefit from this course right now and build a brilliant professional future. Request more information in Emagister to receive advice.

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Meinungen über diesen Kurs

Clara Burton
Das Beste: Having left full time employment to have a child I was a 'stay at home mum'. I really wanted to find a way of turning my writing skills into an income. The ICI journalism course allowed me to become a freelance journalist and earn an income on a flexible basis. I was able to work at my own pace without the pressure of deadlines. I would not have been able to achieve what I have without this course. Thank you!
Zu verbessern: Nothing.
Kurs abgeschlossen: November 2015
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Jonathan West
Das Beste: The journalism program was a very enjoyable and worthwhile course. It provided me with a wide range of knowledge in all areas of journalism and gave me a focused idea of what career I wished to pursue within the media industry.
Zu verbessern: Nothing.
Kurs abgeschlossen: Dezember 2015
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Katie McGuire
Das Beste: The credentials, knowledge, and skills that I have acquired through ICI played a significant role in my achieving my position. The company I work for was quite impressed with the educational curriculum of the school. Thank you ICI!
Zu verbessern: Nothing.
Kurs abgeschlossen: April 2015
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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Creative Writing
Public Relations
Consumer Behaviour
Communication Skills
Television Journalism
Journalism Skills
Literature Comparative
Communication Journalism
Journalism illustration
Journalism Translation
new technology
Journalist today
New Stories
Right angle


1             The World of Journalism

·         The history of media and the free press

·         The role of new technology

·         The role of the journalist today

2             New Stories

·         How to write a news story

·         The importance of the intro

·         How to find the right angle

3             Interviewing

·         Developing interviewing techniques

·         How to ask the right questions

·         Preventing the pitfalls

4             Law

·         What is defamation?

·         What is copyright?

·         The legal pitfalls for today’s journalists

5             TV and Radio

·         The role of radio, TV and the internet

·         How the radio/TV newsroom work

·         Writing your news bulletin

6             Writing Skills

·         Improving your writing

·         What is house style?

·         How to file copy

7             Features and Specialisms

·         How to plan and write a feature

·         How to write a press release

·         The role of the photo-journalist

8             Courts

·         The structure of the courts

·         How to write a safe court story

·         What are inquests?

9             Public Administration

·         The importance of Local and Central Govt

·         What is the role of Europe?

·         Covering council meetings

10           Where To Go From Here

·         CV writing

·         How does freelance work?