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L4 Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment (Units 1 & 2 only)

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Want to make sure your assessment decisions are valid, reliable, sufficient, authentic and sufficient?
Want to make sure all your assessors are working to the same standard?
Want to gain a recognition for your experience of internal verification work?
Don't want to hire a costly freelance Internal Verifier? Get qualified as an IQA / IV yourself!
Whether you need to become an Internal Verifier or Lead Internal Verifier, the ELN Level 4 Internal Quality Assurance Courses are for you.

Before you begin, your tutor will conduct a personalised 1:1 initial interview with you to make sure you fulfil all pre-requirements

Our Level 4 IQA Awards and the Level 4 IQA Certificate Qualifications are accredited by Laser Learning, NOCN, Pearson Edexcel. They are internationally recognised.

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Welche Ziele verfolgt der Kurs?

Understand the context and principles of internal quality assurance
Explain the functions of internal quality assurance in learning and development
Explain the key concepts and principles of the internal quality assurance of assessment
Explain the roles of practitioners involved in the internal and external quality assurance process
Explain the regulations and requirements for internal quality assurance in own area of practice

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For managers, teachers, assessors and External Quality Assurers

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Course process - enrolment, payment, registration, Initial interview + skillscan, course delivery, assignment feedback and support, certification

Voraussetzungen: The Level 4 Awards and Certificate in Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment are available for all candidates who fulfill the following criteria set by the Awarding Organisations: Age range: 19+ Core skills: (English, Maths) At least to A Levels standard. Access to Internet using a laptop / pc / tablet using up to date Windows, Android or Apple operating systems. Access to two assessors, assessing two of their own learners each (for Unit 2 only). We can arrange access to assessors for people who are not working as internal verifiers yet.

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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Quality Audit
Quality Assurance
Quality management
Quality Monitoring
Quality Testing
Quality Training
Teaching Methods
Teaching Skills
Assessment management
Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment


Your tutor will conduct a detailed personalized 1:1 initial assessment/interview with you before you begin your Level 4 Certificate in Education. During this interview you will discuss and agree:

  • Optional units that are best suited to your skills, qualifications, experience, current/potential job, goals, and interests
  • Personal Development Plan / Individual Learning Log
  • Skillscan to examine your current work-based evidence already being produced during your regular work activities
  • Learning outcomes of all the compulsory and optional units you choose to match them with your existing work-based evidence
  • Recognition of Prior Learning, Credit Transfers and/or Exemptions that can be claimed, if any
  • Proportional discounts if any Credit Transfers can be made!

Unit 1: Understanding the Principles and Practices of Internally Assuring the Quality of Assessment 

2 x Reflective Journal entries and 1 x essay-style assignment

Assignments can be presented in the format of tables,

Work documents can be used instead of theory assignments e.g. IQA reports, policies, procedures, verification records etc

Unit 2: Internally Assure the Quality of Assessment 

Work documents including:

1 x internal quality assurance plan, quality assurance/verification evidence, IQA feedback and report, management of all the data.

Wherever possible we will work with you to fulfill the assessment criteria using your existing work evidence.