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L4 Diploma in Productivity Management (38 credits)

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The NOCN Level 4 Qualifications in The Management of Productivity are designed to provide a practical introduction to organisational management, productivity and competitiveness. Choose from a variety of modules designed to suit your own and your organisations’ needs.

Topics include new product development, project management, risk management, supply chain management and corporate social responsibility.

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For fulltime or part-time employees, managers and leadership.

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Course process - enrolment, payment, registration, Initial interview + skillscan, course delivery, assignment feedback and support, certification

Voraussetzungen: The Level 4 Qualifications in Productivity Management are available for all candidates who fulfill the following criteria set by the Awarding Organisation NOCN: Age range: 18+ Core & research skills: (English, Maths) at least to under-graduate level. Access to Internet using a laptop / pc / tablet using up to date Windows, Android or Apple operating systems and browsers. Employed on a voluntary, part-time or fulltime basis in order to apply the knowledge and generate work evidence.

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Salman Shah .
Das Beste: Generally speaking it was great ordeal. Exceptionally qualified mentors, reasonable, prompt administration.
Zu verbessern: Nothing.
Kurs abgeschlossen: Dezember 2016
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Julie Gramada. .
Das Beste: I found in ELN the ideal support for my expert advancement since I was fitting learning around work. The coach was extremely tolerant and has given me remarkable arrangements and quick reactions all through the course.
Zu verbessern: Nothing.
Kurs abgeschlossen: Februar 2017
Würden Sie diesen Bildungsanbieter weiterempfehlen?: Ja
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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Risk Management
IT Project Management
Supply Chain Management
Corporate Social Responsibility
Product Development
Project Management
Management of Risk
IT Development
IT Management
Teaching Methods
Teaching Skills
Supply and Chain Management
New Product Development
Assessment methods


Some theory assignments

Wherever possible, we will use the work you produce as part of your daily job to evidence achievement of the learning outcomes for example, case studies, workplace observations, performance reports, workplace documents, reflective logs/work diaries, witness testimonies etc

Your tutor will conduct a detailed personalised 1:1 initial assessment/interview with you before you begin your Level 4 Qualification in Productivity Management. During this interview you will discuss and agree:

  • Optional units that are best suited to your skills, qualifications, experience, current/potential job, goals and interests
  • Personal Development Plan / Individual Learning Log
  • Skillscan to examine your current work-based evidence already being produced during your regular work activities
  • Learning outcomes of all the optional units you choose to match them with your existing work-based evidence
  • Recognition of Prior Learning, Credit Transfers and/or Exemptions that can be claimed, if any
  • Proportional discounts if any Credit Transfers can be made! For example, if you've already done project management training you can gain exemption from that unit while working towards your Certificate or Diploma in Productivity Management.