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The ICI Landscaping program offered by Emagister was designed with the collaboration of industry professionals to give you the opportunity to learn the skills you need to succeed in your professional career.

Trained professionals who can manifest the right skills and knowledge should be able to follow many interesting and respected professional options. Here are some places that open the doors to such professionals:
Landscape contractors: When working for a design / construction company, landscape designers can design landscapes for homes, resorts, hotels, office parks, shopping centers and more.
Retail gardening centers: Landscape designers are often on staff to convey their knowledge of design, plants, cultivation and planting, hard landscapes and more.
Wholesale greenhouses or Nurseries: Landscape designers can participate in the selection, cultivation, design of plants to buy or sell.
Interior design companies: Shopping centers, schools, restaurants, retail stores, offices, hospitals and homeowners depend on landscape designers to create interior layers of plants, gardens and patios.
Public Gardens: Landscape designers can begin or help direct design, plant selection and maintenance of botanical gardens, parks, government facilities and historic sites.

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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Marketing Tools
Environmental Conservation
Interior Architecture
Landscape Architecture
Landscape Photography
Planning Process
Architecture landscape
Interior Decorating
Interior Decorator
Interior Lighting
Landscape Design
Plant Installation
Installation Material List
Inventory Lists
Landscaping Maintenance
Landscaping Maintenance Guidelines
Cost Estimating Process


1             Landscape Design

  • Planning Process
  • Landscaping Design
  • Implementation

2             Landscape Planning

  • Plant Installation List
  • Inert Installation Material List
  • Landscape Development List
  • Inventory Lists

3             Maintenance

  • Comprehensive Landscaping Maintenance
  • Comprehensive Landscaping Tasks and Methods
  • Landscaping Maintenance Guidelines

4             Cost Estimating

  • Cost Estimating Process
  • Landscaping Cost Components

5             Visual Analysis

  • Factors Affecting the Visual Environment
  • Visual Improvement Plan Development
  • Analysing Visual Components

6             Street Scape

  • Streetscape Planning Process
  • Streetscape Planning Process
  • Walkway Planning Process

7             Planting Design

  • Design
  • Plants

8             Visual Analysis

  • Factors Affecting the Visual Environment
  • Visual Improvement Plan Development
  • Analysing Visual Components

9             Irrigation

  • Systems and Components
  • Design Process

10           Monuments

  • Monument Planning Process
  • Monument Criteria
  • Static Displays

12           Urban Forestry

  • Design
  • Urban Forestry Management Plan

13           Erosion Control

  • Erosion Control Planning Process & Guidelines
  • Erosion Measures

14           Interior Planting

  • Design
  • Maintenance