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International Open Academy

Launch and Grow your Business

International Open Academy

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Unterrichtsstunden 170h
Dauer 60 Days
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  • Kurs
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  • 170h
  • Dauer:
    60 Days
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If you’re serious about getting a business off the ground, we’re seriously behind you. Learn all the solid basics in setting up and marketing your new idea. You’ll know how to create a website, use cost-free and clever PR and establish well thought out pricing structures.

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This course combines many of the challenging and vital tasks into a comprehensive reference volume which you’ll find invaluable. It takes away many of the fears and worries by outlining how to prepare, to assess your personal strengths, test your idea with market research and where to look for funding. You’ll learn about legal and other formalities, get thinking about marketing ideas and explore tips for an attention-grabbing launch.

You will learn:
- How to set up your website
- Marketing and PR strategies
- Set your pricing structure

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Strategic Finance
Public Relations
Pricing Strategy
PR training
Business Plan
Business Finance


Course modules
  1. PR 101: Public Relations and Human Relations
  2. Creating a PR Strategy
  3. PR Tools
  4. Building your press kit
  5. Creating your brand’s story
  6. Preparation – before you start your business
  7. Preparation – introduction to marketing
  8. Setting up your business
  9. Running your business
  10. Business plan
  11. Launching your business
  12. Marketing
  13. Your marketing plan
  14. Low cost marketing techniques
  15. Developing your brand
  16. Your website
  17. Social media and online marketing
  18. Public relations and advertising
  19. Sales
  20. Considerations to make when pricing a product
  21. Pricing your product
  22. Pricing your service
  23. Making pricing adjustments
  24. Continuing practices for price
  25. Ideas and goals
  26. Wordpress
  27. Blog content
  28. Blog visitors
  29. Monetizing your blog