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Launch Your Startup (Online)

Columbia Business School Executive Education

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At Columbia Business School, instilling entrepreneurial thinking in our students is part of our mission. Entrepreneurship is fully integrated throughout the MBA curriculum, and now — for the first time ever — it is offered in an open-enrollment format at Columbia Business School Executive Education.

The eight-week Launch Your Startup (Online) program offers an intensive learning experience that focuses on the creation, evaluation, development, and launch readiness of a new business or social enterprise. Program participants learn from world-renowned Columbia Business School faculty and tap into the expertise of the University's vibrant entrepreneurial community.

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Throughout the program, participants refine their venture’s hypothesized business model based on instructor, peer, and customer feedback. They leave the program fully equipped with the tools and frameworks required to create and launch their new startup.

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Each participant enters the program with a preliminary venture idea that they would like to work on. Using a proprietary sequence of eight modules, the program leverages associated work assignments to support the development of the new venture. Participants learn how to assess the industry and market attractiveness for their venture idea, form competitive strategies, develop minimum viable products and services, prioritize customer acquisition strategies for early traction, and generate full financial statements.

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PROGRAM STRUCTUREThrough interactive lectures, pre-recorded modules, and self-directed assignments, participants learn the core elements of venture creation and planning in a specially sequenced modular format. Each module provides the participant with the knowledge and tools required to develop a comprehensive new venture plan.
At each stage, participants are exposed to critical terms, tools that support research and decision making, and explanations of how each major planning activity fits into the new venture creation process. During each module, participants respond to a series of venture questions and exercises, guiding them through the planning process in a self-directed manner.
Modules include:
Your Idea: Articulating the problem to be solved and the potential benefit to the customerYour Business Model: Developing an initial business model to support early assumption testing and validationYour Customer: Testing your assumptions about the alignment between your product offering and targeted customers through customer interviews and surveysYour Industry: Synthesizing the unique benefits of new offerings and positioning against the competition in the marketplaceYour Product: Designing minimal viable products to quickly test customer acceptanceYour Brand: Creating an integrated marketing and brand strategy for early tractionYour Financial Plan: Identifying revenue sources while minimizing cost factors with a focus on break-even and cash managementYour Team: Selecting team members with the right mix of knowledge and skills and creating a culture for sustained growth