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Level 4 Diploma in Child Psychology

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** Endorsed Child Psychology Course Level 4 **

Child Psychology is one of the best qualifications to start your career in psychology. ILC has designed this child psychology diploma for the learners to understand the process of psychological development of a child. The Child, Psychology course offers you extensive knowledge areas including the attachment theories, childhood development, impact of autism on the development of child, emotional and social development of child etc. This course enables you to understand the psychological problems in developmental stages and introduces the major issues at the infancy, childhood and adolescence period.

This course enables the learners the key areas which are necessary for the psychological development of a child. Further the course offers an extensive knowledge to understand the impacts of privation, deprivation, autism, separation, and grief on the children. The course also explains that how upbringing of a child influences its personality by describing the personality development process in detail.

Inspire London College’s management and teaching staff will be there for your assistance for 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week. After enrolling for this course you will get access to our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) /Moodle and all the study materials and assessments will be available /Moodle.

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After taking this course the candidates will be able to understand;

Different stages of development in children.
Differentiate between growth and development
The kinds of Attachment, Theories and Evolution
Effects of Autism on Child’s Development
How grief and separation impacts the child psychology
Different stages of emotional and social development
The different factors and family life-cycles that influences the development of a child
The process of personality development in detail
The problems during infancy, childhood and Adolescence period

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The Level 4 Diploma in Child Psychology is designed for the learners who want to understand the child’s psychology deeply. This course targets the students studying psyche, teachers dealing with kids, housewives seeking for better development of their children, health care workers, childcare professionals and nurses. In addition to this, students having interest in Child Psychology and want to establish their career in this discipline can also take this course.

Preis für Emagister-Nutzer: After course completion, the students will need to pay £99 for Endorsed certificate and £15 for the postal charges.

Voraussetzungen: Students seeking to enrol for this course should meet the following requirements; Basic knowledge of English Language Be age 16 years or above Basic Knowledge of Information Communication Technologies for studying online

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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Child Protection
Child Psychology
Child Behaviour
Child Nutrition
Child Teaching
Ntroduction to Child Psychology Introduction to Attachment Theories Understanding Privation
Deprivation and Autism The Impacts of Grief and Separation on Child Social and Emotional Development of a Child Factors influencing the Development Process Understand the Process of Personality Development Optional Units Problems during Infancy Period Und
Psychology of child


Level 4 Diploma in Child Psychology is 90 credits Endorsed Course. To achieve a Level 4 Child Psychology learner must have to achieve minimum 9 units with 90 Credits, 7 Mandatory Units and 2 Units from optional units.

Mandatory Units

  1. Introduction to Child Psychology
  2. Introduction to Attachment Theories
  3. Understanding Privation, Deprivation and Autism
  4. The Impacts of Grief and Separation on Child
  5. Social and Emotional Development of a Child
  6. Factors influencing the Development Process
  7. Understand the Process of Personality Development

Optional Units

  1. Problems during Infancy Period
  2. Understand Childhood Problems
  3. Understand Adolescence’s Problems