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Emagister's new listen and learn course, organized by Reception Academy is the perfect choice if you are trying to improve your English language skills, but do not have the time to attend to classes.

The course is specially intended for those who work in the hospitality sector and would like to learn to modulate their voice and have a beautiful and gentle manner through it. It is the best chance you have if you are intereted to in learning how to say or to pronounce difficult things.

Do not hesitate in checking out this course through Emagister.co.uk or Reception Academy's webpage. The instant you pay the course you'll have complete access to all the material, as well as listening and comprehension exercises that give feedback to your progressive learning.

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English Language
English Conversation
Customer Care
Listening Skills
Communication Skills
Communication Training
Voice Modulation
Voice Projection
Hotel reception
Reception Skills
Hotel Language
Guest Satisfaction
Receptionist Training


Dealing with internal enquiries
Taking Bookings via telephone
Taking messages
Check in scenarios
Explaining the bill at checkout experience
You will be able to listen to ten (10) different conversations or voicemail messages involving guests (with various accents) and hotel staff. Ranging from a simple conversation to more complex scenarios, you will listen to the recording then be asked to complete the gaps in a script of the conversation. These listening, reading and comprehension exercises assist you to not only improve your English Language skills but also introduces you to various British accents.
All conversations are taken from real life hotels and are professionally voiced over to ensure you get the most out of each course.
Listen to these recordings over and over until you feel comfortable in completing the question sheet correctly, you can also download the answers at the end of the course and check your answers to ensure they are all correct.
Dealing with internal enquiries:

Taking Bookings via telephone
Taking messages
Check in scenarios
Explaining the bill at checkout