Maritime logistics / Port management

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Wismar University of Applied Sciences
  • Wismar University of Applied Sciences

228 €/Monat

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Tipologie Bachelor's degree
Methodologie Online
Dauer 4 Years
Online Campus Ja
Virtueller Unterricht Ja
Präsenzprüfung Ja
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Online
  • Dauer:
    4 Years
  • Online Campus
  • Virtueller Unterricht
  • Präsenzprüfung

The bachelor degree programme Maritime logistics / Port management was designed together with bremenports, the port infrastructure manager of Bremen and Bremerhaven, to provide the perfect combination of theory and praxis to future executives in this line of work.
As a highly complex business area maritime logistics and port management requires excellently trained workforce. After graduation you will have the very best prospects in one of the world's largest industries.

Wichtige informationen
Welche Ziele verfolgt der Kurs?

This programme qualifies you to work in executive positions in shipping lines, port companies, logistic companies and freight forwarders. Therefore it covers a whole range of topics, from general logistics, supply chain management, marketing skills, mathematics and economics to more specialised topics like port technology and different terminal operations.
In the end you will be able to use your theoretical knowledge in any field of the maritime industry.

Ist dieser Kurs für mich?

As a part-time study programme it is designed for the working student who wants to obtain their first academic degree. Whether you are already working in maritime traffic and port industry or not doesn't matter, as long as you want to launch a career in maritime industry, this is your way to go.

Wie geht es nach der Info-Anfrage weiter?

After requesting information a comprehensive brochure will be sent to you, followed by an email from the course coordinator who will gladly answer any questions left.

Voraussetzungen: Independent user level of English language skills and a university entrance qualification are the only requirements. There are no work experiences in maritime logistics or port management necessary, just interest in this working field. Everything else will be taught in the programme.

Wo und wann
Beginn Lage Uhrzeiten
01 Sep 2017
No set schedule, choose the time and place to study yourself. The lectures are available 24/7 online.
Beginn 01 Sep 2017
Uhrzeiten No set schedule, choose the time and place to study yourself. The lectures are available 24/7 online.

Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Supply Chain Management
Logistics Management
Law and Economics
Transport Policy
Scientific and research methods
Port terminal operations
General economics
Port management
Maritime logistics


1st semester

1. International maritime SCM and logistics

2. Marketing of maritime services

3. Private law

4. Port organisation and management

2nd semester

5. Financial accounting

6. Law of the sea and maritime law

7. General economics

8. Mathematics

3rd semester

9. Project management

10. Port technology

11. Statistics

12. Strategic management

4th semester

13. Ship operation: safety, health, environment

14. Operations research

15. Scientific and research methods

16. Project workshop I (conception phase)

5th semester

17. Port planning

18. Cost accounting

19. Shipping management and economics

20. Container terminal operations

6th semester

21. RoRo terminal operations

22. Bulk terminal operations

23. Economic policy and management

24. IT & MIS

25. Project workshop II (realisation)

7th semester

26. Financial management

27. Risk management and transport security

28. Transport policy

29. Business simulation

8th semester

30. Trade and asset finance

31. Relationship management & maritime community