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"How do you know what consumers really want? How do you know which consumers to go after and how to get them interested in your products and services? You need to develop an effective marketing strategy.

Marketing is a core business process that helps companies develop strong relationships with consumers – it is used to identify the right consumers, anticipate their wants and needs and ultimately create value for them and for your organization. Realizing the essential function that marketing plays in any company will help you better understand the relationship that companies need to build with their customers, how they do it, and the impact these activities can have on a company’s bottom line.

This course is aimed at anyone looking to either gain an insight into marketing or build some skills in marketing. It is geared mainly toward people with no previous experience in marketing. Among other things, this course provides key insight on marketing as a key business process, its link to overall corporate strategy and how online and social media marketing is changing the face of marketing by bringing companies and customers closer together than ever before through new technologies. The importance of marketing planning is also discussed including careful consideration of key concepts such as segmentation, targeting and positioning. This course will also address the traditional Marketing Mix, its evolution and its critical role in marketing planning and execution.

The course is broken down into 6 parts: 1. Introduction to Marketing; 2. Planning and People; 3. Product and Price; 4. Place; 5. Promotion; and 6. Marketing and Ethics. Each part contains a series of separate lessons and areas. Continue reading below to find out what these areas cover."

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Business Process
Marketing Planning
Social Media
Marketing Mix


"Introduction to Marketing The Marketing Function in Organisations: identify the key objectives of the marketing function in organisations Social Media and Online Marketing: identify the key characteristics of the Internet as a marketplace Targeting, and Positioning: match each core market identification activity with its description The Marketing Mix: identify the elements of the marketing mix; identify elements of the modern marketing mix Planning and People Strategic and Tactical Marketing Plans: recognise examples of marketing goals and types of marketing plans in a scenario; identify the advantages of marketing planning Planning: Research and Budgeting: recognise characteristics of quantitative and qualitative research; identify examples of typical marketing costs that have to be budgeted for during the creation of a marketing plan Planning: Development, Execution, and Evaluation: recognise guidelines on how to develop and execute a marketing plan; identify how to evaluate your marketing plan People, Employee Engagement, and Internal Branding: recognise how companies can help people to act as a key part of the marketing mix Product and Price Understanding Products and Product Offering: recognise examples of several components of a product offering; identify the typical responsibilities of marketing in the context of the development of new products Product Life Cycle and the Marketing Mix: make some marketing mix related decisions at several phases of the product lifecycle in a scenario Pricing Objectives, Strategies, and Promotions: classify pricing objectives as being primarily financial or marketing objectives; recognise examples demonstrating the use of several pricing strategies; recognise examples demonstrating the use of several types of promotions "