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      Beginn 18/08/2019
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      Master in Cyber Security – Mode of Study
      2-year part-time Master program in Amsterdam/Leiden (Netherlands). You can choose to take the Master in Cyber Security by e-learning, in a physical classroom environment (only 1 evening per week!) or a combination of both.

      Stand-alone program: Certificate in Cyber Security - Threat Detection (part of the Master in Cyber Security)

      Cyber Security experts are in high demand
      Cyber Security threats do not respect borders. With the dramatic rise in global cyber crime,
      Cyber Security has become one of the fastest growing IT disciplines in the world today. No organization wants to be a victim to cybercrime. The fallout can take years to fix and in some instances, it can be hard to fully recover at all. The growing concern among decision makers at major organizations over cybercrime is therefore boosting the demand for Cyber Security experts worldwide. (ISC)2, being a security certification and industry body, revealed that by 2020, there will be a shortfall of 1.5 million Cyber Security experts. Be quick and get your global Master degree in Cyber Security now!

      The Master degree in Cyber Security is one of the most current in demand graduate qualifications in the world
      In collaboration with an outstanding American university we now offer you a Cyber Security specialization program on a Master level. Various leading Cyber Security experts from all over the world will teach you. In 2 years time (one evening per week and/or through e-learning), you will earn a Master degree in global Cyber Security!

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      Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

      Business or International Relations
      An adequate proficiency in the English language and several years of professional experience
      Who wish to broaden or deepen their knowledge of Cyber Security. You will need to take an English proficiency test at the start of the Master in order to proceed
      Knowledge of Cyber Security
      You will need to take
      An English proficiency test
      At the start of the Master
      In order to proceed
      Master in Cyber security


      Master in Cyber Security – Course Load

      The Master in Cyber Security program consists of 6 core courses, 2 capstone courses and 4 elective courses that deal with basic, advanced and specialized Cyber Security aspects. These include emphasis on various kinds of threat resolution and problem solving measures. In addition you must choose 2 extra courses, either of the elective courses or other courses offered by the university in a complementary field. One course grants you 3 credit hours and consists of 9 evening classes spanning 2 months. You must gain a total of 40 credit hours to successfully accomplish this graduate program. Per course you need to take into account 8 - 12 study hours per week, excluding the classroom or online sessions.