Master in Digital Communication and Marketing in Fashion



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Emagister presents to you the Master in Digital Communication and Marketing in Fashion endorsed by IED and listed on Emagister.

The keys of communication in the management and positioning of fashion brands

Can we talk today about Fashion 2.0? What is the impact of the Internet on the reality of brands and their communication strategies? How do the rules change with the new sociability, participation and communication?

The fashion phenomenon responds to the digital challenge, facing the readjustment of its rules. Social changes, new technologies, social networks, consumer evolution and the democratization of fashion have led brands to rethink their communication and marketing strategies. For many, this “digital age” has been an opportunity to make themselves known, position or even reinvent themselves. The identity of a brand is a key factor to define a comprehensive and coherent strategy, not only in the design of each collection, but also in the business model, the types of products or its target audience.

It is therefore vital that all departments work towards a single goal and give the brand recognizable and common values, thus reinforcing its positioning in a dynamic and interactive environment like the current one. On the basis if this premise we understand the importance of good communication strategies in any fashion and lifestyle business, regardless of size or position. Whether it is part of the luxury retail sector or a small artisan business, it needs an identity.

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Wichtige Informationen

Welche Ziele verfolgt der Kurs?: Set solid foundations in the field of communication and, in particular, in the peculiarities of the fashion industry
Understand the interrelationship of the various sectors involved in the relationship between Fashion and Digital Communication
Understand the digital environment and its impact, challenges and opportunities from the perspective of communication and marketing
Manage, build and moderate communities that are generated online around a fashion brand and lifestyle with the necessary skills to manage a strategic plan for social media
Understand and master major digital tools, devices and platforms
Master the techniques of fashion e-marketing.

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Fashion Culture

We will look at key factors in the fashion industry: evolution, history, sociological analysis, trends, fashion system, etc. from different basic, related and complementary disciplines, which are essential as a cultural foundation from which to understand the specificities of the fashion world during the development of one’s professional activity as well as to serve as inspiration.

– Contextualization of fashion: evolution and history

– Cultural References, sociology and trends

– Fashion lexicon

– Keys to fashion styling

– Cosmetics, lifestyle and fashion

– Photography and fashion


Fashion Business

The cross-disciplinary nature of communications and marketing must necessarily be understood from the full perspective of a company. The fashion system is inserted into a market whose rules have a direct impact on each of the roles played within the company.

– Fundamentals of a fashion company

– Fashion system and process: industry and market

– Internationalization

– Legal aspects

– HR at fashion companies

– Fashion e-commerce


Fashion Communication and Marketing

3.1. Communication Keys

The importance of analysing traditional and digital platforms in contemporary fashion communications will be highlighted. Branding, fashion photography, design, film, advertising, fashion shows, etc. In short, the productions that defines the brand and its aesthetic approach.

– Fundamentals of communication

– Fashion branding

– Storytelling and content creation formulas

– Creative writing workshop

– From the showroom to the fashion show: design, coordination and management of events

– Public relations and celebrities

– Professionals workshops: photographer, digital journalist, blogger, director of digital media, digital freelance at a brand, etc.

3.2. Comunicación digital

The new communication model based on connectivity and interactivity offers endless possibilities. Students will explore the impact of digital and social media and explore how brands should use these platforms to promote and position their products.

– Introduction to digital communication platforms, blogs and social networks

– Writing workshop 2.0 and multimedia formats

– Audiovisual communication: from multimedia content to fashion films

– Branded content and new advertising

– Social media and community management

– Plan digital communication

– Business cases - fashion on the web: success stories in the fashion, cosmetics, lifestyle

3.3. Marketing Tools

The digital environment has driven new communication and marketing tools, the management and handling of which are especially important when implementing the communication strategies of brands.

The main tools and techniques that enable digital marketing brands to position themselves and be present in today’s dynamic ecosystem, which connects directly to the consumer, will be analysed.

– Fundamentals of digital marketing and social business

– The Customer’s Life Cycle. User Experience

– Digital Strategies and Campaigns: SEO, SEM, email marketing and affiliate

– Web Analytics

– Media planning

– Web Marketing and Communication

– Mobile Marketing

– Business Cases: Digital Fashion Marketing


Inside Fashion: Spanish Retail Living Experience

This module is 100% experiential and proposes a total immersion in Spanish fashion and retail through brand visits, coolhunting trips through the most representative neighbourhoods and stores in Madrid, showrooms, museums, temporary exhibitions, workshops, communication and marketing agencies, which will offer students a deep insight into the keys to fashion and retail in Spain. The experiential part of the program will be carried out initially every Friday morning, except for possible changes depending on each company’s schedule.

Inside Fashion Tour 1: Footwear and accessories You will be able to know first-hand the area of Alicante, one of the main producers of footwear in Spain and Europe, where some of the largest footwear and textile companies are concentrated. During this program, you will have the opportunity to get to know in detail the facilities of companies such as Mustang, Wonders, Zalando, Hispanitas and Tempe (Inditex) and delve into aspects such as the processes and systems of fashion, design, manufacturing and logistics companies.

Inside Fashion Tour 2: Sustainable Fashion Very close to Madrid, in Segovia, there are some very interesting projects such as Abbatte and The Singular Olivia, fashion and beauty brands that have known how to take advantage of omnichannel trends and address a "conscious" client concerned with the environment and with concepts such as traceability.


Fashion Curating

An eminently practical module, designed to find the creative facet of each student in order to develop high-quality, innovative, unique and multiformat content. The creation of content as a key for branding, communication and sales. A storytelling workshop, a fashion film, a fashion editorial and an Open Day with the press will be developed, to learn about the different creative and technical processes and to interact with the professionals involved in each of them (photographers, makers, influencers, stylists, etc).

– Storytelling

– Content Development

– Fashion film

– Editorial (styling and photography session)

– Fashion Tour

Master in Digital Communication and Marketing in Fashion

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