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Master in eHealth Management (Part Time)

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Tipologie Master
Ort Roma (Italy)
Dauer 1
Beginn März 2020
  • Master
  • Roma (Italy)
  • Dauer:
  • Beginn:
    März 2020

Emagister adds to its catalogue the Master in eHealth Management (Part Time), which aims to train professionals with the right tools and techniques to start their career.

Master in eHealth Management (Part Time) is the combined use of information technology and electronic communication, especially the internet, in the health sector, for clinical, educational and administrative purposes; both on-site and at distance (in which case it is called Telemedicine).

eHealth is not only a technical development, but also represents a way of thinking, a commitment, an organizational approach to improve health care locally or regionally by using the new opportunities presented by Information and Communication Technology.

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Welche Ziele verfolgt der Kurs?

By means of e-Health and Telemedicine, a Healthcare Institution or Ministry can achieve:

more efficiency in health care: reducing costs by networking data and knowledge, avoiding duplication in diagnostic or therapeutic interventions, treating patients directly at home
a higher quality of care: by networking the Health professionals’ knowledge, enabling comparisons, and involving the patients and care givers
the empowerment of patients
the education of both physicians and patients about the management of pathologies
more equity, for example by networking smaller hospitals with larger institutions and making virtual visits to remote areas
In this scenario, it is crucial for a Manager to understand the potentiality, seize the opportunities, push and, above all, lead the e-Health and Telemedicine revolution in health care.

The Rome Business School’s Master’s degree in eHealth and Telemedicine Management has been designed to supply training on organizational processes and technologies aimed at the proper introduction and management of ICT solutions and Telemedicine in Health Systems.

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The Master’s Degree Course is designed for Directors and Managers of Healthcare Institutions, Directors and Managers of Social and Healthcare Ministries, healthcare Decision-Makers, Clinicians, Clinical Engineers.


Training Objectives
On completion of the training course, attendees will:

-understand e-Health and Telemedicine terminologies and their areas of application
-be aware of the most widespread and innovative technology platforms and solutions available
-possess the skills to evaluate and choose the best e-Health projects and solutions
-be able to manage the organizational aspects stemming from the introduction of e-Health in an Institution, a Region, or a Country
-be able to apply the knowledge of the best-in-class European e-Health projects to the domestic contexts
-be e-Health evangelists.

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On receiving your request, an admission specialist from Rome Business School will email you all the information you need about the course and the various stages of our admission process.

Voraussetzungen: All applicants must have a three-year degree (or be near completion). Applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency.

Um diesen Kurs besuchen zu dürfen, sollten Sie einen dieser Bildungsgrade haben: Bachelor's Degree, Professional Diploma, Masters, Ph.D



Roma (Italy)
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Peđa Ivović
Das Beste: I'm studying E-health and Telemedicine Management master course and I find that Rome Business School (RBS) is very professional and open to answer all my inquiries. The lessons are very engaging and up to date and the professors always leave enough time for Q&A. A big advantage is that you can study on campus, online or blended. For example, I needed to go back to my country for a few days and I was able to join online lectures. Besides, RBS offers inspiring company visits, great social events where you have a chance to meet students. If you decide to enroll make sure to apply for their partial scholarships!
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Kurs abgeschlossen: Dezember 2017
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Nega Getnet
Das Beste: In Ethiopia I'm working currently working in as an electronic health managament information system officer and I find the RBS to be very open to answer questions and bring effectivly service.
Zu verbessern: Nothing
Kurs abgeschlossen: Januar 2018
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Md Mijba
Das Beste: I'm working at E-health and Telemedicine from 4 years. Thank you so much Rome Business School for give me such an amazing opportunity.
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Kurs abgeschlossen: Februar 2018
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Marwa El Abdi
Das Beste: I had an amazing time being a part of this school, a choice I don't regretted. Thank you for the unforgettable memories and the wisdom and knowledge given.
Zu verbessern: Nothing
Kurs abgeschlossen: Dezember 2017
Würden Sie diesen Bildungsanbieter weiterempfehlen?: Ja
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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Social Work
Health Management
Social Policy
Health and Fitness
Professional Nursing
Health Psychology
Clinical management
Clinical Trial
Hospital Management
Medical services
Hospitality Marketing
Social care


Course Contents 
  • Introduction, Terms and General Concepts
  • Health Technology Assessment
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • National Electronic Health Records
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • EMR for Primary Care
  • Clinical Decision Support Systems
  • UK WSD “The Largest Randomised Control Trial of Telehealth and Telecare in the World”
  • Better Health Through IT
  • Standards and Interoperability
  • Telemedicine: areas of use and technologies
  • Introducing e-Health in Hospital environments
  • Economics of e-Health 
  • Healthcare reform: changing the healthcare models in Europe
  • ESA activities in Telemedicine: space technology for downstream eHealth applications
  • E-Health experiences in the Italian regions
  • E-Health in Hospitals
  • Telemedicine for local organizations
  • Telemedicine for developing Countries
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Designing of e-health projects
  • European Structural Funding for e-Health management