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Tipologie MBA
Methodologie Fernunterricht
Dauer 1
Beginn Oktober 2020
Online Campus Ja
Versendung von Lernmaterial Ja
Beratungsservice Ja
Virtueller Unterricht Ja
  • MBA
  • Fernunterricht
  • Dauer:
  • Beginn:
    Oktober 2020
  • Online Campus
  • Versendung von Lernmaterial
  • Beratungsservice
  • Virtueller Unterricht

Our flexible and accessible MBA (delivered entirely online) will prepare you for the senior management sector in a global business environment. You will emerge with a recognised qualification via a learning progress where analysis and application of key management theories are applied to international business.
Why study the MBA Master of Business Administration (Distance Learning) at Middlesex University?
This MBA is designed for professionals looking for the advanced business, management and leadership skills required to formalise their existing experience to progress into a more senior role. With a key emphasis on practice, our MBA engages those with current business theory, strategic leadership skills and practical industry knowledge which can be applied within your current role and to your longer term career. At the end of the programme you will have the opportunity to embark on a research project which will help you feed your enhanced knowledge and understanding into your professional practice. Depending on your career goals you can opt for a larger scale in-depth investigation, or a narrower scale project, supported by additional content. In both cases there is a full grounding in research methods.
The course's online delivery via myUniHub, our Business School's 24-hour student learning environment, means you can study without having to travel or compromise your employment status. With internet access, you will engage with tutors and fellow students and use these forms of communication to receive online materials, audio visual content, group interaction and a variety of e-learning tools.
Course highlights
We are ranked amongst the global top 200 MBAs.
Within the course you will work as a Senior Manager, individually and with a team comprising fellow MBA participants.
Our online delivery means you can study without having to travel or compromise your employment status..
Distance learning provides the flexibility to work when you want, where you want



Distance Learning


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Master Business Administration
Business Administration
Business and Administration


Course content

What will you study on the MBA Master of Business Administration (Distance Learning)?

This course consists of an induction, six modules and a choice between a final larger scale Project, or a Business Transformation Project supplemented by but additional modules. The whole course is delivered over two years.

This MBA is concerned about people, behaviours in the work place, marketing concepts, key financial, economical and business issues and all from a practical stance. Each area of this course uses a variety of learning tools combined into a varied and interactive style covering both core and additional resources. Your learning and understanding will derive from a number and variety of the following our 24-hour online portal (myUniHub), textbooks, study guides, online audio and video content, discussion groups, multi-media resources, case studies, individual access to tutors, webinars and online lectures (available in real time or as an archive).

At the end of your programme you will have the opportunity to follow one of two optional routes, depending on the scale of project that you wish to undertake:

Route A

  • Research Methods - This module provides students with a means of developing further their skills in research. It presents the key elements and issues of research design, of processes of collecting evidence and analysing this, and of drawing conclusions.
  • Business Transformation Project - The module provides students with a means of developing further the skills and knowledge gained on the MBA, by application to a specific organisational issue or problem.
  • Information Management – You will gain knowledge and understanding of information technologies and systems used in organisations to manage information and decision making, critical to work place success.

Route B

  • Applied Project - This module provides students with the means of further developing and integrating the skills and knowledge acquired on the MBA through application to a specific organisational issue or problem.

Executive Leadership

You will learn focus upon people and their performance in a variety of contexts aiming at management and leadership, behaviours and explore the key elements of the 'HR cycle' (resourcing, managing performance, developing and rewarding performance).

Business Strategy

You will study the notion of strategy; explore models and theories of strategy and their application by practicing managers and critically appraise where and when such models are useful in the industry.

Operations Management

We aim to offer in-depth exploration of the operations function, emphasising those issues that contribute to business performance, relate business theory and practice while including the integration of participants' professional experience.

Finance and Economics

This important area of the course will see you centre on financial and economic factors affecting organisations in many ways and globally too. You will examine the interrelationships between key factors in the economic environment, evaluating the impact of shifts and changes in these factors on organisational decision-making and performance.

Management Perspectives

New theories and practices about modern management will be learnt as the market continues to evolve at such a fast rate. Ethical and social issues, managing with diversity and managing across cultures are prime areas of the module.

Marketing Management

This module explores marketing theories and key concepts, explains the use of conceptual frameworks for understanding marketing phenomena and will equip you with the ability to analyse marketing environments and strategies and to apply appropriate techniques based on insights gained throughout.

You can find more information about this course in the programme specification. Module and programme information is indicative and may be subject to change.