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Master online in Human Resources Management



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Emagister adds to its catalog the Master in Human Resources Management (online), the course is aimed at professionals who wish to excel as human resources professionals in the international job market.

Rome Business School’s Master Online in Human Resources Management is designed to equip Human Resources professionals to respond to the needs and challenges of the market from the perspective of people management. Professionals who embrace change as the most effective way of generating competitive advantages, who can capitalize on new technologies, who have a solid grasp on the new generations of professionals joining the employment market and fully understand the importance of the work/life balance and ethical conduct and, above all, are committed to developing, attracting and retaining talent as the best way to ensure success in the new business ecosystem.

In addition, being this master also in online version, you can have a quality learning anywhere! We have more than 10 years in online learning education and we are member of Grupo Planeta deAgostini, leader in providing programs in online mode, our “distance” courses offer all the contents of classroom learning, in order to use a complete and professionalizing experience.

Wichtige Informationen

Welche Ziele verfolgt der Kurs?: At the end of the course of study, the participants will learn to:

PEOPLE MANAGEMENT: Developing the executive skills and competences needed as a People Manager in order to lead and drive the changes required within an organization.
GLOBAL MANAGEMENT: Identifying, understanding and developing the importance of Human Resources management in the global strategy of the company.
ORGANIZATION, EXECUTION AND CONTROL: Gaining an in-depth insight into the tools and procedures required to conduct the tasks involved in the planning, organization, execution and control of Human Resources in a company.
HUMAN RESOURCES IN THE DIGITAL AGE: Capitalizing on the opportunities for talent acquisition, development and retention offered by technology, through tools and resources linked to digital communication.
STRATEGIC CONSULTANCY: Developing the function of Human Resources both from the perspective of a department of people and as a consultancy.
PLANNING: Developing the strategic bases, aligned with the company’s objectives, that enable future movements to be planned and anticipated in the field of Human Resources.

Ist dieser Kurs für mich?: The Master in Human Resources Management (online) is aimed at all those who are getting their first exposure to the world of human resources management or those who, although already operating in this sector, wish to acquire a more structured education and update their competencies. Typical profiles of individuals who may be interested in this course include, for instance:

graduates or undergraduates with no previous work experience or with a basic experience in the training and development of human resources or in psychology of the workplace;




professionals who operate in contexts other than human resources and who wish to develop a wider knowledge and understanding of human resources management or to transfer to jobs within this field;

entrepreneurs who wish to acquire a well structured education in human resources management.

On the other hand, modern human resources professionals cannot neglect the international dimension that all activities are increasingly taking on and must therefore be able, for example, to understand and handle global organisations’ diversity management dynamics and complexity profiles. Within this framework, the Rome Business School’s Master in International Human Resources Management is the ideal choice for all those who wish to excel as human resources professionals in the job market at the international level, providing all the necessary knowledge, operational competencies and professional and networking opportunities on a global scale.

Voraussetzungen: All applicants must have a three-year degree (or be near completion). Applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency.

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  • Business Strategy
  • Financial Management
  • Management
  • Performance Management
  • Career Development
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Management
  • Finance
  • Trainer
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • Human Resources Management
  • Job analysis


Rome Business School’s Master Online in Human Resources Management is structured to provide participants with a thorough preparation for the Human Resources sector  and crucial aspects of other related fields, starting with a wide overview of the broader management world and then proceeding to analyze all the specific subjects and aspects of HR Strategy, Development and Management, as well as providing an in-depth insight into innovative and responsible leadership, its trends and best practices, as well as how they can be effectively applied to the HR Management Industry.

Part 1 – General Management
  • The company and the competitive environment
  • Business strategy
  • Project management
  • Marketing management fundamentals
  • Finance and business planning 
Part 2 – Professionalising teachings
  • Strategic management of human resources: approaches, trends and tools
  • Job analysis and strategic planning of human resources
  • Selection, hiring and retention
  • Training
  • Development: coaching, counselling, mentoring
  • Career plan and career development
  • Performance management and evaluation
  • Global Compensation
  • Organisational theories and development
  • Industrial relations and collective bargaining
  • Workplace health and safety
  • International management of human resources
Part 3 – Themed Focuses
  • Work psychology
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Leadership and team management
Part 4 – Study and research seminars
  • Workforce diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity employment
  • Internal communication
  • Change management
  • Human resources metrics
Part 5 – Special Contents

The technical/professional teaching is enriched by:

  • Company tours, to get to know managerial systems and players from the inside
  • Artistic-cultural programmes, aimed at stimulating creativity, innovation capability and complex system understanding
  • Training in interdisciplinary competencies, such as:
    • Business English
    • Self-marketing
    • Interpersonal communication techniques and PNL
    • Public speaking

Zusätzliche Informationen

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Master online in Human Resources Management

5.900 €