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    Oktober 2022

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Rome Business School’s Master Online in Political Marketing and Communication is aimed at providing the knowledge and abilities necessary to effectively and professionally manage the communication and marketing processes through marketing and communication techniques that support political campaigns, political branding, political events, and any type of political activity. The program delivers an intensive and all-encompassing training aimed to produce professional figures who can skilfully work in every environment and successfully structure campaigns and strategies for institutions, companies, organizations and political parties.
In addition, being this master in online version, you can have a quality learning anywhere! We have more than 10 years in online learning education and we are member of Grupo Planeta deAgostini, leader in providing programs in online mode, our “distance” courses offer all the contents of classroom learning, in order to use a complete and professionalizing experience.

Wichtige Informationen

Welche Ziele verfolgt der Kurs?: At the end of the course of study, the participants will learn to:

1. Understand the importance and interrelation between Politics, Media and Communication
2. Structure precise operational plans and strategies for the promotion of a political candidate or group
3. Make the best use of social media and of the web for political-electoral marketing and communication ends
4. Learn about new visual and off-line means of communication for a winning placement in the political- electoral market
5. Enhance public speaking capabilities also in terms of consultancy to others
6. Correctly set up and manage an electoral campaign and its communication strategies and media relations
7. Know and understand the peculiarities of the different electoral systems
8. Utilise and design political-electoral research and surveys
9. Identify and add value to different leadership styles
10. Know the best techniques for the organisation of a political event and for its communication and media strategy
11. Realise effective fundraising campaigns
12. Manage press office activities aimed at the promotion of political candidates or parties

Ist dieser Kurs für mich?: The Master in Political Marketing & Comunications (online) is a course of excellence aimed at a maximum of 20 participants that wish to acquire competencies of excellence in the effective management of the communication and marketing processes linked to political activities and electoral campaigns.

Voraussetzungen: All applicants must have a three-year degree (or be near completion). Applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency.

Um diesen Kurs besuchen zu dürfen, sollten Sie einen dieser Bildungsgrade haben: Bachelor's Degree, Professional Diploma, Masters, Ph.D

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Okt-2022 Anmeldung möglich



  • Politics
  • Marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Social Media
  • Election
  • Media
  • Communication Training
  • Political Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Press releases
  • Press Communications
  • Campaign Planning
  • Event Management


Rome Business School’s Master Online in Political Marketing and Communication is structured to provide participants with a though preparation for the Political and electoral communication sector and crucial aspects of other related fields, starting with a wide overview of the broader management world and then proceeding to analyze all the specific subjects and aspects of Political communication development and management, as well as providing an in-depth insight of marketing and communication and their application to politics, its trends and best practices, as well as how they can be successful among the masses.

Political-Electoral Marketing 

  • Strategy
  • Market research for politics
  • Segmentation, targeting and positioning for politics
  • Political-Electoral marketing mix
  • Marketing 2.0 and 3.0 for politics

Web and Social media for politics

  • Web and Social Media campaign planning, implementation and control for politics
  • Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ for political communication
  • Political blogging
  • Emailing techniques

Public speaking
  • Verbal and Non-verbal communication
  • Feedback effectiveness
  • Active listening
  • Steps for an effective public presentation

Political Press Office
  • Political journalism
  • The Press Office
  • The planning of activities
  • Implementing actions and monitoring results.

Organising events
  • Choice and ideation of the most suitable event in order to reach objectives
  • Project definition
  • Budget definition through the evaluation of economic aspects
  • Promotion: online through social media and offline through traditional media
  • Practical organization of the event.

The electoral system and its specificity
  • Plurality systems
  • Majority systems
  • Proportional systems
  • Mixed systems

Political-electoral research and surveys
  • Pre-election polls
  • Candidate and party campaign analyses
  • Leader and political party positioning analyses
  • Campaign impact evaluations
  • Election projections and post-election surveys

Leadership for politics

  • Interpersonal influence
  • Leadership styles
  • The techniques

Spin Doctoring
  • Role and activity evolution
  • Strategies and techniques
  • Excellency cases

Fundraising for politics
  • Fundraising techniques and tactics
  • Fundraising patterns
  • The management of the relationship with donors
  • Budgeting and staffing models
  • Effective and ethical profiles
  • Phone banking, canvassing and special events

Electoral campaign management
  • Traditional vs digital campaigns
  • Human resources management and organisation for an electoral campaign
  • The thematic campaign
  • Territorial campaign
  • Cases studies

Innovative communication techniques for politics
  • Graphic, video and digital design
  • Modelling and 3D animation
  • Augmented reality
  • Mobile apps
  • Video mapping

International excellency cases
  • Edsegovi’s HOLOS model (Mexico)

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Master online in Political Marketing & Comunications

5.900 €