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      The conservation of teeth is the basis of dentistry. Currently, endodontics is one of the
      specialties within the dental practice that presents a greater demand due to the scarcity of
      specialized professionals and the level of difficulty and demand that it presents. The knowledge
      of the radicular anatomy and the pulp states always presents as a challenge for the general
      dentist. It is important for the dentist to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for the
      treatment of endodontic treatments and retreats regardless of the difficulty they present.
      The proposal for an online Master's Degree in Endodontics is due to the high demand that
      endodontics currently has within the dental sector. The master's degree is established as a first
      level education within the university framework, but without reaching the highest degree of
      qualification that the European Master of Endodontics presents. Due to the current economic
      situation there are many students who opt for part-time training, but find shortcomings in the
      modular or short-term programs, since they consider that they do not provide enough practices
      or they are scarce in terms of literature review or Research Methods. The student for the online
      endodontics Master would be dentists who want to increase their knowledge in endodontics,
      with an evidence-based training, combining clinical practices with scientific knowledge, but can
      not make an exclusive or semi-exclusive dedication to a master of three years.

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      · Welche Ziele werden in diesem Kurs verfolgt?

      The following are the skills that the students of the Master’s Degree in Endodontics should have acquired by the end of their training programme: • Training as an expert in the field of endodontics. • Knowledge of new materials and technologies related to endodontics.  Upon completion of the Master, the student must be qualified to clinically address cases of endodontics or re-endodontics, to understand and assess scientific articles in endodontics and be able to perform a literature review.  That is why the objectives of this master are: - Diagnosticate the problems that concern the octopus-periapical complex. - To acquire the clinical and cognitive abilities to be able to address endodontic problems. - To be able to make decisions in the face of endodontic failure - To be able to perform endodontics and reendodontics - Be familiar with apical surgery and intentional reimplantation

      · An wen richtet sich dieser Kurs?

      The student must be in possession of a qualification that qualifies him / her for the practice of dentistry in their country of origin or residence. Interview with the director or coordinator of the Skype program where academic and professional skills will be evaluated, as well as their ability to work as a team.

      · Voraussetzungen

      Pre-registration form properly formed. o Certified copy of the corresponding bachelor's degree (with original certification) *. o 1 Academic Certificate of qualifications (original or certified photocopy) *. o 1 photocopy of the National Identity Document (DNI) or passport. o Payment by bank transfer of € 90 ** and sending proof of payment. (Except Alumni Graduate UIC). o Curriculum vitae with courses and conferences that you have attended. o Recommendation letter / s (recommended, not mandatory).

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      Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

      Problemas de conducta
      Anatomía dental
      Clínica dental
      Radiología dental
      Mecánica dental
      Laboratorio dental
      Endodoncia básica
      Fisiopatología pulpar
      Resolución de problemas de endodoncia
      Radiología en endodoncia
      Fisiopatología pulpar avanzada
      Apertura cameral
      Cirugía endodóncica


      Theorical Part:

      1- Bases of endodontics

       Pulpoperiapical pathology

       Diagnosis in endodontics

       Endo-perio injuries

       Vertical fractures

       Resorptions

       Dental trauma

      2- Decision making in endodontics

       Endodontics prognosis

       Retreatment in endodontics

       Prognosis in apical surgery and intentional reimplantation

       Endo versus implants

       Endodontic treatment plan

      3-Clinical concepts in endodontics

       Access cameral

       Determination of working length

       Instrumentation in endodontics

       Disinfection in endodontics

       Obturation

       Emergency in endodontics

       Anesthesia in endodontics

       Vital pulp therapy

      4-Advanced endodontics

      Management of problems in endodontics

       Retreatment

       Perforations

       Management of the open apex

       Periapical surgery and intentional reimplantation

       Autotransplant

       Reconstruction of the endodontically treated tooth

      5- Treatment planning. Discussion of cases.

      Practical Part:

      1-Clinical techniques
      Working on in-vitro practices. The student will be provided with guidelines for carrying out preclinical practices, and through tutorials the student must carry out the proposed exercises. The student will take photographs at the indicated times, which must be sent for the evaluation by the faculty. Laboratory internships will also be carried out in the student's stays at the university (4 weeks each course).

      2- Dental Clinic in Endodontics
      Practices carried out in the University Dental Clinic of the UIC in patients under the control of the professors of the Department of Endodontics.

      Final work

      Students may choose to present a well-researched research project with current supporting literature, or conduct a review of the literature, always under the supervision of their tutor.

      Courses and conferences

      Students must attend at least one scientific conference related to endodontics (ESE, AEDE or SEOC).