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Master in Sport & Lifestyle Management (Online)

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Tipologie Master
Methodologie Online
Dauer 1
Beginn März 2020
weitere Termine
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  • Master
  • Online
  • Dauer:
  • Beginn:
    März 2020
    weitere Termine
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  • Online Campus
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Would you like to develop skills and tools that will enable you to start a management career in the international sports sector? If the answer is yes, look no further!

Rome Business School’s Master in Sport & Lifestyle Management is the ideal choice for professionals looking for a world-class degree programme to start or consolidate a successful career in the international sports sector. The quality of the teaching coupled with our leading career and networking services make this programme the perfect fit for those who seek to excel in today’s job market and in global business. The world of sport has undergone profound changes in recent years, with a growing focus on health, well-being, therapeutic recovery, and socialization. Professionals who are prepared and better able to face the challenges of this new industry will find new job opportunities and upward mobility.The Sport industry is the ultimate sophistication of the entertainment industry. From live events to media, TV and Internet broadcasting; from Professional Sport Teams to Private Exclusive Sport Clubs. The management of these industries entities has experienced deep changes, requiring a new class of professionals skilled both in event management, media management, sport management and tourism management. The Client’s final satisfaction passes through several key issues that only a highly specialized Manager will be able to interpret, a skilled professional able to solve the possible overlapping between Lifestyle, Luxury and needs of both physical and mental health, and to manage and carry to success such sport ventures.

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On completing the programme, participants will be able to:
Identify and develop effective managerial strategies for Sport industry companies such as Sports Media, Sports Club, Sports Association, Sports Event Production, Fitness & Leisure Gyms, SPA and Sports Hotel.
Develop a business plan
Utilize the most advanced marketing techniques to promote Sports Complexes, Sports Teams, Sports Events, Sports touristic destinations.
Apply planning, financial management, and management control principles to the Sports industry.
Understand and utilize project management techniques.
Understand and apply process and supply chain techniques to the Sports industry
Master the use of new technologies within the Sports industry
Understand the Sports industry start-up ecosystem

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The attendees, who aspire to set out a path to grow within their organization, or to start up their own enterprise, willing to enlarge their perspective of this market and/or to complete their professional training by getting a certification strictly conceived for the Sports industry, will greatly benefit from this program.

Voraussetzungen: All applicants must have a three-year degree (or be near completion). Applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency.

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Financial Management
Marketing Strategy
Communications Planning
Brand Management
Digital Marketing
Sport management
lifestyle management


Introduction to the Sport Industry and linkage to the Entertainment IndustrySport & Lifestyle – The right segment to beStrategic Management – How to define the Vision of a Sport VentureHuman Resources Management: Hiring strategy between Sport Alcoholics, Fans and ProfessionalsAccounting Rules: athlete’s contracts sponsorship contract bettingThe Sport Company Assets: the Brand, The Roster, The StadiumPrinciples of Financial ManagementThe economics of a Sport VentureProject Management for events including media content, sport center and touristic destinationBusiness Plan Design and SalePrinciples of Sport MarketingOperative Marketing Digital Marketing: Building a Fan Base, Communities, and Financial TrustSelling Merchandising: licensing or direct distributionMedia Rights Sizing the value of a sponsorshipSetting the right price of a Sport Offer Life Cycle of a Sport PropositionCommunicationsBrand Identity Management & BondingRole of AdvertisingCRMBrand Content Storytelling and Content ManagementSocial Responsibility & SustainabilityA new product definitionSport & LifestyleCool Hunting: Where is the Sport Industry going to? Dying Sports and Evolving Sports