Mastering Beer Brewing


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Course Description
Take your home brewing passion to a new level! Join Bob Sylvester - World-renowned craft brewer of Belgian style beers (Belgium, France, USA) - as he takes you through the entire beer brewing process from start to finish. Along the way, you'll gain in-depth knowledge of the different ingredient varieties (grains, yeast/bacteria, hops) and processes (extract, dry-hopping, barrel aging) that go into craft beer as you learn how to brew a Blonde Ale, an IPA and an Imperial Stout.
Beer brewing is experiencing a renaissance and many of today's successful indie beer brewers started out brewing in their garages. This course is designed specifically for the beer lover who wants to go beyond the standard home brewing “packet kits“ and really delve into the process. You'll gain the kind of insights that a master brewer would normally impart only onto his apprentice and you'll walk away with enough understanding to not only try your hand at crafting these tasty brews, but also improvise and experiment as today's experts do.

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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Packaging Design
Sanitation systems
Brewing process
Bottling Design
Malting Process
Kilning Process
Malt extracting
Hop varieties
All-grain brewing
Recipe formulation


Day 1.

Introduction to extract brewing: Blonde Ale w/ dry yeast

  • 1. Sanitation
  • 2. equipment
  • 3. ingredients
  • 4. brewing demonstration, explanation of the entire process (extract, malt, hops, water, chemistry, styles, etc.)

Discussion of the overlying process of wort production, malt extract, hops and the varieties, water, SRM, IBU, BJCP guidelines. The overall history of beer and impact on the world.

Day 2.

Partial mash Brewing: IPA w/ liquid yeast

  • 1. grain conversion
  • 2. yeast types
  • 3. hop varieties

History of IPA's, hops used traditionally and currently to date. Discussion on malt, malting and kilning process and varieties.

Partial mash brewing cont.

  • 1. grain conversion
  • 2. yeast propagation
  • 3. hop utilization

Day 3.

All-grain brewing: Imperial Stout w/ combo liquid and dry yeast

  • 1. equipment set-up
  • 2. mashing/sparge/vorlauft
  • 3. history
  • 4. recipe formulation
  • 5. basic water chemistry
  • 6. packaging options, ageing, barrels, corni kegs, etc.

Lagering options, temperature control.

Day 4.

Advanced equipment, legality know how, packaging, demo of bottling and kegging.

  • Module 16: Analyse Phase FEMA and Additional Analysis Methods
  • Module 17: Improve Phase Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • Module 18: Improve Phase Lean Method
  • Module 19: Improve Phase Implementation
  • Module 20: Control Phase Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Module 21: Control Phase Other Controls
  • Module 22: Control Phase Maintain Controls and Sustain Improvements
  • Module 23: DFSS
  • Module 24: Exam Review Prep and Key Concepts