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MBA International Healthcare Management

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The MBA programme prepares participants for management challenges in the international healthcare sector. Based upon comprehensive economic knowledge, the curriculum is tailor-made for professionals working in the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, clinics, special care institutions and the public health system who want to get qualified for international leadership positions.

Unlike other MBA programmes, the MBA programme at SRH Hochschule Berlin emphasizes leadership skills and industry knowledge that are essential to succeed in today’s business world. Five topic areas based on five leadership dimensions are incorporated into the curriculum.

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The management techniques respond to the challenges of an increasingly complex work environment. In this fast-changing and competitive environment, it is necessary to be creative, to have your own value system and to make sustainable decisions based on the ability to forecast future developments. Managers and young professionals benefit from a skill-based learning approach that fosters interdisciplinary thinking and negotiation skills.

Traditional areas of management such as finance, marketing and human resources are included in the curriculum and are linked to the above-mentioned soft skills.

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The healthcare sector is one of the world’s largest industries and growth engines. The combination of management know-how and sector-specific knowledge enables graduates to raise their international profile, becoming sought-after candidates for top-level management positions.

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Voraussetzungen: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, proof of English language proficiency, proof of at least two years of work experience and successful participation in the selection process.

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Berlin, Germany
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Beginn September
Berlin, Germany
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Ahmad Sami Elgamal
Das Beste: I chose Germany because, besides its high quality education offer, it is home to renowned pharmaceutical companies. The programme allowed me to deepen my knowledge in the healthcare sector while exploring new areas of business. SRH has a comfortable international environment with diverse options to have an exciting social life. I am now very confident that the MBA degree will open up many interesting opportunities in the international healthcare sector.
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Kurs abgeschlossen: Dezember 2016
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Public Health
Decision Making
Informal Organizational Design


Topics: international healthcare management

  • Organization and Leadership in Healthcare Management
  • Performance Measurement and Decision Making in Healthcare
  • International Public Health Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • Environment Company Project in the field of Healthcare Management
  • Hospital, Ambulatory Care
  • Pharmaceutical or Medicinal Products
  • Healthcare Payor (e-health)

Topics: management and economic framework

  • Team-building and Communication
  • Leadership and Ethics
  • Complexity and Decision Making
  • Informal Organizational Design
  • Globalization, Society and Responsibility
  • Intercultural Intelligence Trust and Collaboration
  • Corporate Communication Knowledge Management