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Media and Journalism Course

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This comprehensive and exciting Media and Journalism Course course will prepare you for everything that you must know about journalism and the required skills to captivate audiences using powerful messages.

By taking this course, you’ll study the principle, practices and systems involved in all aspects of journalism, following with the fundamental elements of the journalistic process in the most compelling way possible. You’ll also learn the skills required to work as a journalist and the essential methods in journalism and reportage. This course also illustrates the uncertainty, risks and obstacles affect the modern journalist and explain the ways to overcome those difficulties.

Besides, enhance your knowledge of various newspaper and magazine types, and explore many fascinating facts about journalism.

This course will be of best interest to media professionals who are interested in a career in journalism and other journalism-related fields.





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Social Media
Media Journalism


Newspaper Journalism
  • What is news?
  • What is a journalist?
  • The shape of the news story
  • Writing the intro in simple steps
  • Writing the intro, the golden rules
  • Writing the news story in simple steps
  • Writing the news story – clear writing
  • Quotes
  • Attribution
TV Journalism
  • News Gathering
  • Enterprising Stories
  • Watch your interviewee’s body language.
  • Working with Sources
  • Covering Events
  • Computer-Assisted Reporting
  • Glossary of Broadcast News Teams
  • Law, Ethics And Responsibility
  • Operating Standards for News and Public Affairs
  • Lighting
  • What is the Media?
  • What Makes News?
  • Plan your Approach
  • Adhere to Deadlines
  • The Interview
Social Media and Journalism
  • Definition of Social Media
  • Communication flow within journalism
  • The impact of social media on journalism
Becoming a Journalist
  • What Is A Journalist?
  • What Type Of Degree Do I Need?
  • How To Get Started Writing Before Graduation
  • The Rules Of Journalism
  • Building A Portfolio
  • What Is Style?
  • What Does A Copy Editor Do?
  • Additional Degrees To Consider
  • Online Journalism – The Way Of The Future
  • What To Expect On Your First Job
Women in Journalism
  • The Secret Significance of Journalism
  • Imperfections of the Existing Woman−Journalist
  • The Roads towards Journalism
  • The Aspirant
  • Style
  • The Outside Contributor
  • The Search for Copy
  • The Art of Corresponding with an Editor
  • Notes on the Leading Types of Papers
  • Woman’s Sphere in Journalism
  • Conclusion
Recommended Reading
  • Recommended Reading: Media and Journalism Course
Mock Exam
  • Mock Exam- Media and Journalism Course
Final Exam
  • Final Exam- Media and Journalism Course