Microsoft Outlook 2013


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      Course Description
      In order to succeed in today's business world, you must have competent skills in Microsoft Office. Whether you're an administrative assistant, office manager, sales professional or business manager, utilising all of the powerful features of Microsoft Office will make you more efficient and subsequently more marketable. Almost every job in the business world involves office products. Take your skills to the next level and make your current job easier to manage by completing our Microsoft Outlook 2013 course.
      The Microsoft Outlook 2013 course has been designed to provide you with the essential skills you will need to be proficient in Outlook 2013, in a work or home environment, in as short a time as possible. You don't need any prior experience of Microsoft Outlook, but you will need to be familiar with using a computer and the Windows environment.
      Get the skills employers are currently looking for, enrol today!

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      Who Is This Course For?
      Anyone looking to develop their Microsoft Outlook skills.
      By choosing online learning instead of a classroom based course, it eliminates the need for time away from work, saving you valuable time and money. It is ideal for those with tight schedules as our online courses give you 12 months unlimited access to all the course materials, so you can study at a pace that suits you. Allowing you to easily resume your studies whenever you have the time. All you need is internet connection to study, so you can study from the comfort of your home or any environment that suits you.

      Voraussetzungen: Requirements Our training works on all devices including Mobile phones, IPad’s, Android tablets, Macs and PC’s. For the best viewing experience on our state-of-the-art eLearning platform we recommend an internet connection of 10Mbps or better. Please also use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser with Adobe Flash Player.

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      Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

      Office IT
      Ms Office
      Microsoft Office


      Course Syllabus


      • Course Outline
      • The Interface
      • Interface
      • Keyboard Shortcuts
      • Section Review

      Basic File Commands and Operations

      • File Tab
      • Creating, Saving and Closing Documents
      • Opening Existing Documents
      • Viewing Existing Documents
      • Protecting A Document
      • Sharing a Document
      • Navigating and Searching a Document
      • Keyboard Shortcuts
      • Section Review

      Creating, Managing and Formatting Content

      • Creating/Deleting Content and Delete/Undo/Repeat
      • Copying, Cutting, Pasting and Moving Text
      • Font formatting and the Font Dialog Box
      • Paragraph Formats, Bullets, Numbering, Lists and Sorting
      • Indent, Out dent, Alignment and Line Spacing
      • Fills, Borders and Themes
      • Indents, Spacing, Line Breaks and Page Breaks
      • Tabs and the Format Painter
      • Keyboard Shortcuts
      • Section Review


      • Creating Tables
      • Sizing Tables and Cells
      • Table Properties Dialog Box
      • Table Design
      • Layout Contextual Tab
      • Alignment, Data and Formulas
      • Keyboard Shortcuts
      • Section Review

      Applying Page Layout and Reusable Content

      • Page Setup
      • Headers and Footers
      • Quick Parts
      • Themes
      • Page Backgrounds
      • Printing a Document
      • Section Review

      Including Illustrations and Graphics in a Document

      • Pictures
      • Clip Art
      • Shapes
      • Text Boxes
      • Word Art and Smart Art
      • Shortcuts
      • Section Review

      Proofreading Documents

      • Spelling and Grammar Check
      • Reference Tools
      • Comments
      • Shortcuts
      • Section Review

      Applying References and Hyperlinks

      • Hyperlinks
      • Endnotes and Footnotes
      • Table of Contents
      • Shortcuts
      • Section Review

      Mail Merge

      • Setup and Executing Mail Merge
      • Section Review

      Customize the Word Interface

      • Customizing the Interface
      • Section Review

      Course Review