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Certificate in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Beginner
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Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Beginners Online Course

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Tipologie Short course
Niveau Intermediate
Methodologie Online
Dauer 365 Days
  • Short course
  • Intermediate
  • Online
  • Dauer:
    365 Days

Do you want to learn to create awesome presentations? Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Beginner is a must have skill for students and employees for both personal and business use. It is a stand-out skill that will give learners leverage amongst your peers and potential employers. It is a core and popular Microsoft application that that you can use in multiple sectors across many industries. Having a certified skill in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Beginner will give you ample opportunities of employability and make you desirable in the workplace.

The Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Beginner course is designed to cover key topics and teach learners how to create a visually pleasing presentation that keeps your audience engaged and interested from start to finish.

The Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Beginner course helps individuals to enhance their PowerPoint capabilities and quickly and easily use the software whenever required. The course is internationally recognised and accredited to a training organisation and you will be issued an internationally recognised qualification following full completion of Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Beginner course.

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The course is aimed at individuals who have basic background in MS PowerPoint.
Learners looking to develop their skills in Microsoft Office 2013 PowerPoint.
Students who want to improve their PowerPoint skills.
The course is ideal for individuals in an office environment.
Anyone interested in enhancing their skills in PowerPoint 2013.

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On receiving your request, one of our stuff members will call you or send you a message by explaining everything about the course you are requesting information including how you can sign up, payment options, exam and enrollment requirements etc.

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Voraussetzungen: You must be over the age of 16 and have a basic understanding of Maths, English and ICT Job seekers / graduates / school leavers

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Microsoft Powerpoint
Personal Assistant
Ms PowerPoint
Office Manager
Office Administrator
Business executive


Course Curriculum

➤ Module 01 - Getting Started

Course Introduction

1.0 Topic A: Navigate The Powerpoint Environment

2.0 Topic B: Create And Save A Powerpoint Presentation

3.0 Topic C: Use Help

➤ Module 02 - Developing A Presentation

1.0 Topic A: Select A Presentation Type

2.0 Topic B: View And Navigate A Presentation

3.0 Topic C: Edit Text

4.0 Topic D: Building A Presentation

➤ Module 03 - Performing Advanced Text Editing

1.0 Topic A: Format Characters

2.0 Topic B: Format Paragraphs

3.0 Topic C: Format Text Boxes

➤ Module 04 - Add Graphics To Your Presentation

1.0 Topic A: Insert Clip Art And Images

2.0 Topic B: Insert Shapes

➤ Module 05 - Modify Objects In A Presentation

1.0 Topic A: Edit Objects

2.0 Topic B: Format Objects

3.0 Topic C: Group Objects

4.0 Topic D: Arrange Objects

5.0 Topic E: Animate Objects

➤ Module 06 - Adding Tables To A Presentation

1.0 Topic A: Create A Table

2.0 Topic B: Format A Table

3.0 Topic C: Insert A Table From Other Microsoft Office Applications

➤ Module 07 - Adding Charts To A Presentation

1.0 Topic A: Create A Chart

2.0 Topic B: Format A Chart

3.0 Topic C: Insert A Chart From Microsoft Excel

➤ Module 08 - Prepare To Deliver A Presentation

1.0 Topic A: Review Your Presentation

2.0 Topic B: Applying Transitions

3.0 Topic C: Print Your Presentation

4.0 Topic D: Deliver Your Presentation

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Method of Assessment
At the end of the Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Beginner course you will be required to take a multiple choice question assessment test. The multiple choice question assessment will be automatically marked with learners receiving an instant grade.