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Novel Writing Diploma Course

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Centre of Excellence

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What will you learn?
There is no doubt that writing a novel requires many skills that test resolve but the good news is that even the complete beginner can rise to the challenge and create a compelling novel if adhering to the basic rules, writing while absorbing the many skills required to bring the novel to life.
Writing a novel, irrespective of the genre, requires the writer to put a little bit of themselves into each and every page. This means, utilising many of the experiences that you yourself have endured, including both the good and the bad times to make up part of the fabric of your storyline, creating a tangible and gripping read.
This powerful and thought provoking course will teach you everything that you need to know about one of the most wonderful creative experiences possible, writing a novel. Embarking upon a project such as this, will test your imagination, your writing skills, and test your ability to create imaginary environments that epitomise real-life. You will be aiming to captivate the reader, while creating imaginary threads that weave in and out of any storyline.
It’s not a challenge for the fainthearted.
It takes time, patience and a great deal of editing to bring a novel to fruition, however, it is one of the most uniquely satisfying feelings, when you type the last word and know that you have achieved something quite amazing. It provides a written reminder of this moment in time, a poignant chance to review as you bought your creative senses to the fore, and the memories and the evidence of this time is something that will stay with you forever.
You may have dreams of writing a bestselling novel and although you are entering a tough market place, filled with competition from other writers all with varying levels of experience, sometimes it just takes a solid story-line, a unique approach and a whole lot of enthusiasm to the written word, and it can happen..
Writing a novel requires a complex set of skills

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Meinungen über diesen Kurs

miss bigz
Das Beste: Excellent course and I had an amazing time overall. Thanks a lot. great place to study with no pressure and also the support if out of this world. They live up to their name.
Zu verbessern: -
Kurs abgeschlossen: Februar 2018
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Beverley Thomas
Das Beste: Very thorough information which includes excellent reference points. Easy to digest & review upon module complication. Good response to submission.
Zu verbessern: All ok
Kurs abgeschlossen: Februar 2018
Würden Sie diesen Bildungsanbieter weiterempfehlen?: Ja
Regina Helena Mello-Barreto Savory
Das Beste: The course was easy to follow. Excellent resources provided to help master chosen course. Customer service is very good and support available
Zu verbessern: Nothing
Kurs abgeschlossen: Februar 2018
Würden Sie diesen Bildungsanbieter weiterempfehlen?: Ja
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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Writing Skills
Ms Word
Ms Word
Writing Skills


Module 1: Introduction

  • Introduction
  • Module 1 Task

Module 2: Ideas and Plot Development

  • Part 1: Ideas and Plot Development
  • Part 2: Ideas Book
  • Module 2 Tasks

Module 3: Genres

  • Genres
  • Module 3 Task

Module 4: Your First Chapter

  • Your First Chapter
  • Module 4 Tasks

Module 5: Descriptive Writing

  • Descriptive Writing
  • Module 5 Tasks

Module 6: The Narrative Voice

  • The Narrative Voice
  • Module 6 Tasks

Module 7: Viewpoint

  • Viewpoint: I – Writing in the Third Person
  • Module 7 Tasks

Module 8: Dialogue

  • Dialogue
  • Module 8 Tasks

Module 9: Characterisation

  • Characterisation
  • Module 9 Tasks

Module 10: Emotions

  • Part 1: Emotions
  • Part 2: Love
  • Module 10 Tasks

Module 11: Creating the Villain

  • Creating the Villain
  • Module 11 Tasks

Module 12: Outlines

  • Outlines

Module 13: Creating Obstacles

  • Creating Obstacles
  • Module 13 Tasks

Module 14: Generating the Hook

  • Generating the Hook
  • Module 14 Tasks

Module 15: Getting Published

  • Getting Published

Module 16 - Finding a Publisher

  • Finding a Publisher

Module 17 - Staying Motivated

  • Staying Motivated

Module 18 - Final Assessment

  • Module 18 Tasks
  • Final Assessment

Module 19 - Summary

  • Summary