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Course Description
Explore the science behind the roles of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Know the best sources of vitamins and minerals and the ways in which your body uses them. This course will help understand the types of food that help you build muscle and the types that can help you lose weight. Study how nutrition affects health and how a properly balanced diet can save you from heart disease, obesity, cholesterol and other harmful health problems. The course also looks at the role of dieting and nutrition and teaches why fad diets often don't work, the benefits of raw food diets and how to know which kind of diet is right for your body type.
We use only the world's finest instructors who have a minimum of 15 years real world experience and are experts in their fields. Unlike a live class you can fast-forward, repeat or rewind your lectures, enabling you to fully understand each topic before moving on. This creates a personal learning experience and gives you all the benefits of hands on training with the flexibility of fitting it in around your busy schedule. This course is the perfect foundation for people considering a career as a nutritionist and is a useful tool to progress to more advanced learning.
Key learning points
This course takes an in depth look at nutrition, diet and the affect it has on your health and well-being. Our course features instructor-led demonstrations and visual presentations that allow students to develop their skills based on real-world scenarios explained by their instructor.
The focus areas of this course include:
Nutrition and health - This part of the course provides an in depth look at the principles of a balanced diet and the science behind nutrition. Learn how a good diet keeps you healthy and wards off serious diseases such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer. Explore the science behind the roles of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Learn about vitamins and minerals and how your body absorbs and uses them.

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This course is the perfect foundation for people considering a career as a nutritionist and is a useful tool to progress to more advanced learning.

Voraussetzungen: Requirements Our training works on all devices including Mobile phones, IPad’s, Android tablets, Macs and PC’s. For the best viewing experience on our state-of-the-art eLearning platform we recommend an internet connection of 10Mbps or better. Please also use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser with Adobe Flash Player.

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Keslier Rojo
Über den Kurs: I started this program almost a month ago, what I like the most about it is that I can study on my time, no rush and the material provided is easy to read/understand
Kurs abgeschlossen: Oktober 2019
Würden Sie diesen Bildungsanbieter weiterempfehlen?: Ja
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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Balanced Diet


Mod 1

  • 1.1 WellnessIntro-Part1
  • 1.2 WellnessIntro-Part2
  • 1.3 WellnessIntro-Part3

Mod 2

  • 2.1 RoleOfCarbohydrates-Part1
  • 2.2 RoleOfCarbohydrates-Part2

Mod 3

  • 3.1 RoleOfFiber-Part1
  • 3.2 RoleOfFiber-Part2

Mod 4

  • 4.1 GlycemicIndex-Part1
  • 4.2 GlycemicIndex-Part2

Mod 5

  • 5.1 ImpactOfCarbs

Mod 6

  • 6.1 Gluten

Mod 7

  • 7.1 RoleOfFat-Part1
  • 7.2 RoleOfFat-Part2
  • 7.3 HowAndWhyWeGainFat
  • 7.4 RoleOfProtein

Mod 8

  • 8.1 Digestion

Mod 9

  • 9.1 Calories-Part1
  • 9.2 Calories-Part2

Mod 10

  • 10.1 OrganicVsInorganic

Mod 11

  • 11.1 RolesOfVitaminsAndMinerals-Part1
  • 11.2 RolesOfVitaminsAndMinerals-Part2
  • 11.3 RolesOfVitaminsAndMinerals-Part3

Mod 12

  • 12.1 RoleOfWater

Mod 13

  • 13.1 Supplements-Part1
  • 13.2 Supplements-Part2
  • 13.3 Supplements-Part3
  • 13.4 Supplements-Part4
  • 13.5 Supplements-Part5
  • 13.6 Supplements-Part6
  • 13.7 Supplements-Part7
  • 13.8 Supplements-Part8

Mod 14

  • 14.1 ArtificialSweeteners-Part1
  • 14.2 ArtificialSweeteners-Part2
  • 14.3 ArtificialSweeteners-Part3
  • 14.4 ArtificialSweeteners-Part4
  • 14.5 ArtificialSweeteners-Part5

Mod 15

  • 15.1 TheEffectsOfCaffeine
  • 15.2 AlcoholDoesItMakeYouFat

Mod 16

  • 16.1 Sleep
  • 16.2 Stress

Mod 17

  • 17.1 FadDiets
  • 17.2 RawFoodDiet
  • 17.3 CabbageSoupDiet
  • 17.4 BloodGroupDiet
  • 17.5 TypesOfVegetarians
  • 17.6 FadDietsAndGenetics

Mod 18

  • 18.1 WeightLossTips
  • 18.2 SettingGoalsThatWorkForYou
  • 18.3 Cancer
  • 18.4 Outro